Phasia albipennis ( Brooks, 1945 )

Sun, Xuekui & Marshall, Stephen A., 2003, Systematics of Phasia Latreille (Diptera: Tachinidae), Zootaxa 276 (1), pp. 1-320: 160-162

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Phasia albipennis ( Brooks, 1945 )


3.6.2 Phasia albipennis ( Brooks, 1945)  

(Figures I­3, II­7.2)

Paraphasia albipennis Brooks, 1945: 657   .

Paraphasia nigra Brooks, 1945: 658   , syn. nov.

Phasia nigrens   : authors, not Wulp (see Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 969).

Phasia nigra: Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 969   (catalog) ­ Arnaud 1978: 4 (host catalog).

Phasia albipennis: Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 969   (catalog).


Body length: 6.5­8.5 mm.

MALE: HEAD. Head compressed anteriorly. Vertex 0.12­0.13 times as wide as head width; eyes separated by a distance wider than or as wide as ocellar triangle. Fronto­orbital plate black with grey pruinosity, 1­2 rows of hairs laterally. Frontal vitta parallel, reddish brown. Frontal vitta at base of antennae 1.1­1.2 times as wide as fronto­orbital plate anteriorly. Ocellar setae present but fine; outer vertical setae present; inner vertical setae absent. Face black, strongly grey pruinose. Parafacial black with grey pruinosity, bare, 1.8­2.2 times as wide as first flagellomere. Lower margin of face projecting, visible in profile, orange yellow or brown, grey pruinose. Vibrissa well differentiated; intervibrissal distance 1­1.2 times distance between vibrissa and eye on same side; facial ridge with bristles on lower 1/4. Gena brown to black with grey pruinosity; hairs white; height 0.1­0.2 times eye height. Lunule black and shining; sublunular bulla indistinct. Antenna black; first flagellomere 1.1­1.2 times as long as pedicel; arista thickened on basal 0.25­0.3. Length of oral opening 1.8 times its width. Occiput flattened, white pruinose; hairs white. Palpus yellow, or brown.

THORAX. Mesoscutum strongly pruinose; 4 black longitudinal vittae, with fine black hairs. 0+1 acrostichal seta; 0(1)+1 dorsocentral setae; 1­2 postpronotal setae; presutural supra­alar seta absent; 0­1 postsutural intra­alar seta; 2 notopleural setae; 1 supra­alar seta; 2 postalar setae. Pleuron grey and yellow pruinose; hairs white and yellow. Anepimeral setae hair­like; yellow or black; 1 katepisternal seta; 9­11 meral setae. Scutellum black with grey pruinosity, with two pairs of marginal setae; apical setae present and distinct; discal setae randomly arranged, not in rows. Subscutellum not very prominent. WING. Lower calypter hyaline white. Wing base without scale­like setae. Tegula black. Basicosta yellow. Wing hyaline, or pictured (rarely), narrow, or broad; petiole of apical cell 0.22­ 0.24 times as long as preceding section of R 4+5; M meeting R 4+5 at acute angle, or almost at right angle. Halter yellow. LEGS. Fore femur black; ventrally and laterally with whitish yellow hairs, dorsally with black hairs. Fore tibia black, with 1­2 p, apically with 1 p and 1 d. Fore tarus black. Fore claws brown, apex black; 1.2­1.3 times as long as fifth tarsomere. Pulvilli brown. Mid femur black; ventrally and laterally with whitish yellow hairs, dorsally with black hairs. Mid tibia black, with 1 ad and 1 v, apically with 1 ad, 1 av, 1 pv, 1 p, 1 v and 1 d. Hind femur brown to black; hairs black. Hind tibia black, slightly arched, with 5­ 6 ad, 3­5 pd and 3­4 v.

ABDOMEN. Abdominal tergites black; pruinosity yellowish silvery; longitudinal vitta absent; but with distinctly narrow black transverses. Relative length of abdominal tergites I+II:III:IV: V = 1.1:1:1:1.1; relative width I+II:III:IV: V = 0.3:1:0.9:0.7. Syntergite I+II pruinose. Pruinosity of tergite III silvery. Pruinosity of tergites IV, V yellowish silvery; hair spots indistinct. TERMINALIA. Syncercus broad, slightly notched posteriorly. Surstylus slender, straight, longer than cercus. Ejaculatory apodeme small, knob­like. Hypandrium shorter than phallapodeme. Postgonite triangular. Pregonite shorter than postgonite, with sparse hairs dorsally. Phallus very broad and long, with fine white hairs dorsally; ventrolateral process with 4­5 small hooks; dorsolateral process hyaline, not sclerotized.

FEMALE. Body size slightly smaller than male. Wing hyaline. Eyes separated by a distance as wide as the flagellomere; not touching. Anterior spine­like setae of hind tibia absent. Sternite VII (sheath) slightly longer than sternite VI, flattened, broad apically, bent, apex directed ventrally, smooth ventrally; median area membranous; and the bent part of sheath rectangular in posterior view. Ovipositor bent upward.


Paraphasia albipennis Brooks, 1945   . Holotype ♂, [ CANADA], Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, 2.v.1940, A.R. Brooks (CNCI, No. 5288, examined).

Paraphasia nigra Brooks, 1945   . Holotype ♂, [ USA], California, Ukiah, 31.iii.1930, C.C. Wilson (USNM, examined); allotype ♀, [ USA], California, Los Angeles Co., April (USNM, examined); paratype 1♂, [ USA], California, Knights Lndg., 2.iv.1931 (CNCI, examined).


CANADA. British­Columbia: Hedley, 5,000ft, Nickel Plate 31.vii.1953, J.E.H. Martin (1♂, CNCI); Robson, 9.v.1949, 26.v.1950, H.R. Foxlee (1♂ 1♀, CNCI). USA. California: Foresthill Placer Co., 25.v.1975 (1♀, CASC); Mt. Diablo, 6­8­1933 (1♂, CASC); Mono Co., White Mt., Blanco's Corral, 10,000ft,, H. Nakakihara (1♂, CNCI); San Benito Co., Bitterwater, 8.iv.1951, P.D. Huld (1♀, CNCI); San Diego Co., Santa Ysabel, 10.iv. 1950, P.D. Huld (1♂, CNCI); Tuolumne Co., 22.v.1972, W.H. Tyson (1♂, USNM). Idaho: Latah Co., Moscow, 30.iii.1937, 26.iv.1959 and 9.v.1966, B.A. Gittins, C.C. Ball, C.W. Sabrosky and B.A. Freeman (4♂ 4♀, CNCI, USNM). Oregon: Corvallis, 12.iv.1936, G. Ferguson (1♂, CNCI); Forest Grove, 26.v.1949, W.J. Hanson (3♂, USNM). Utah: Logan Dry Canyon, 26.iv.1941, Rotary Trap (1♂, CNCI); Logan, 11.iv.1949, G.L. Dean, (1♂, CNCI); [?], 30.iv.1931, G.F. Knowlton and C.F. Smith (1♀, AMNH). Washington: Pullman, 10.iv.1904, 16.iv. and 6.v.1922, A.L. Melander and A. Spuler (1♂ 3♀, USNM); Pullman, 15.v.1938 (1♀, CNCI).


Eurygaster spp.   ( Hemiptera   , Pentatomidae   ): ­ USA (CA) (Vojdani 1961:576).


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Phasia albipennis ( Brooks, 1945 )

Sun, Xuekui & Marshall, Stephen A. 2003

Phasia nigrens

Sabrosky, C. W. & P. H. Arnaud, Jr. 1965: 969

Phasia nigra:

Arnaud, P. H., Jr. 1978: 4
Sabrosky, C. W. & P. H. Arnaud, Jr. 1965: 969

Phasia albipennis: Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 969

Sabrosky, C. W. & P. H. Arnaud, Jr. 1965: 969

Paraphasia albipennis

Brooks, A. R. 1945: 657

Paraphasia nigra

Brooks, A. R. 1945: 658