Phasia aldrichii ( Townsend, 1891 )

Sun, Xuekui & Marshall, Stephen A., 2003, Systematics of Phasia Latreille (Diptera: Tachinidae), Zootaxa 276 (1), pp. 1-320: 116-127

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Phasia aldrichii ( Townsend, 1891 )


3.5.1 Phasia aldrichii ( Townsend, 1891)  

(Figure I­5, II­4.4)

Hyalomyia aldrichii Townsend, 1891: 136   .

Hyalomyia celer Townsend, 1895: 65   (misident).

Phorantha pruinosa Robertson, 1901: 284   .

Phasia cara   West, 1925: 123.

Hyalomyiopsis aldrichi   : ­ Brooks 1945: 677 (redescription).

Hyalomya aldrichii   : ­ Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 968 (catalog).

Alophora karczewskii Draber­Mońko, 1965: 105   , syn. nov.

Hyalomya aldrichi   : ­ Guimarães 1971: 13 (catalog).

Hyalomya aldrichii   : ­ Arnaud 1978: 4 (host catalog).

Phasia (Hyalomyia) karczewskii   : ­ Herting 1984: 170 (catalog) ­ Herting and Dely­Draskovits 1993: 412 (catalog) ­ Ziegler 1994: 159 (revision).


Body length: 3­5 mm.

MALE: HEAD. Head spherical or nearly so. Eyes separated by a distance almost as wide as ocellar triangle. Fronto­orbital plate black with grey pruinosity. Frontal vitta at base of antennae 1.4 times as wide as fronto­orbital plate anteriorly. Ocellar setae present but fine; outer vertical setae present; inner vertical setae present. Face black with grey pruinosity. Parafacial black with grey pruinosity, bare, 0.9 times as wide as first flagellomere. Lower margin of face projecting, visible in profile, brown to black with grey pruinosity. Vibrissa well differentiated; intervibrissal distance 1.3­1.4 times distance between vibrissa and eye on same side; facial ridge with bristles 1­3. Gena black with grey pruinosity; hairs black; height 0.1 times eye height. Lunule black and shining; sublunular bulla indistinct. Antenna black; first flagellomere 1.4­1.5 times as long as pedicel; arista thickened on basal 0.25­0.3. Length of oral opening 2.0 times its width. Occiput flattened, white pruinose; hairs black. Palpus brown to black.

THORAX. Mesoscutum thinly pruinose, without longitudinal vitta, with fine black hairs. 0+1 acrostichal seta; 0+1 dorsocentral seta; 1­2 postpronotal setae; presutural supraalar seta present, strong; 0 postsutural intra­alar seta; 2 notopleural setae; 1 supra­alar seta; 1­2 postalar setae. Pleuron thinly grey pruinose; hairs black. Anepimeral setae medium size, black; 1 katepisternal seta; 3­6 meral setae. Scutellum black with grey pruinosity, with two pairs of marginal setae; apical setae present and distinct; discal setae randomly arranged, not in rows. Subscutellum not very prominent. WING. Lower calypter hyaline white. Wing base always without scale­like setae. Tegula brown to black. Basicosta brown to black. Wing hyaline, narrow; petiole of apical cell 0.5 times as long as preceding section of R 4+5; M meeting R 4+5 almost at right angle. Halter brown to black. LEGS. Fore femur brown to black; hairs black. Fore tibia brown to black, without bristles, apically with 1 a and 1 v. Fore tarus black. Fore claws brown, apex black, 0.9 times as long as fifth tarsomere. Pulvilli brown. Mid femur brown to black; hairs black. Mid tibia brown to black, apically with 1 pv and 1 pd. Hind femur brown to black; hairs black; scale­like setae absent. Hind tibia black, slightly arched.

ABDOMEN. Abdominal tergites black; pruinosity silvery; longitudinal vitta distinctly present. Relative length of abdominal tergites I+II:III:IV: V = 1.2:1:1:1.2; relative width I+II:III:IV: V = 0.5:1:0.9:0.6. Syntergite I+II shiny, not pruinose. Pruinosity of tergite III present. Pruinosity of tergite IV present on posterior 5/6­6/7; hair spots distinct. Pruinosity of tergite V present; hair spots distinct. TERMINALIA. Syncercus broad, with a deep and wide notch posteriorly. Surstylus ball­like, longer than cercus; slightly bent upward. Ejaculatory apodeme small, and knob­like. Hypandrium longer than phallapodeme. Pregonite pointed, shorter than postgonite, with sparse hairs dorsally. Phallus 1.2­ 1.4 times as long as hypandrium. Basiphallus with fine hairs dorsally. Distiphallus partly sclerotized, with several rows of irregular saw teeth apically.

FEMALE. Body size sometimes smaller than male. Wing hyaline. Eyes separated by a distance as wide as ocellar triangle; not touching. Anterior spine­like setae of hind tibia present. Sternite VII (sheath) slightly longer than sternite VI, tapered, narrow apically, not bent, apex straight, smooth ventrally. Ovipositor bent upward.


Hyalomyia aldrichii Townsend, 1891   . Holotype ♂, [ USA], South Dakota, no. 39, (USNM, examined); cotype, 1♀, [ USA], South Dakota, no.39 (SEMC, examined).

Phasia cara   West, 1925. Holotype ♂, [ USA], New York, Karner, 4.x.1904, "N.Y.S.Coll. No. 1859" (CUIC, examined); paratypes, 1♂, [ USA], New York, Ithaca, 17.vii.1900, L.S. West (CUIC, examined); 1♂, Karner, 4.xi.1914 (CUIC, examined).

Alophora karczewskii Draber­Mońko, 1965   . Paratypes, 1♂, MONGOLIA, Songina, 24 Km SW Ulan Bator, 22.v.1962, R. Bielawski and B. Pisarski (ZMPA, examined); 1♀, MONGOLIA, Zaisan / 1,400m, ad Ulan Bator,, R. Bielawski and B. Pisarski (ZMPA, examined).


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Arnaud, Jr. (2♂, CASC); Mt. Evans, Summit Lake, 12,800ft, 10.vii.1961, W.R.M. Mason (1♂, CNCI); Mt. Vernon Cn., nr. Golder, 31.vii.1961, 7,200ft, C.H. Mann (1♀, CNCI); Mt. Evans, Doolittle Ranch, 9800ft, 12.vii.1961, Mann (1♀, CNCI); Nederland, 8,500ft,­5.vii.1961, B.H. Poole, J.G. Chillcott and C.H. Mann (1♂ 9♀, CNCI); Niwot Ridge, nr. Ward, 11,500ft, 3­4.vii.1961, S.M. Clark and W.R.M. Mason, C.H. Mann (3♀, CNCI); Park Co., 16.viii.1959, N. Marston (1♀, KSUC); Pingree Park., 16­23.viii.1924 and 17.viii.1934, C.L. Fluke and C.W. Sabrosky (2♂ 2♀, USNM); Pleasani Vally, 16.viii.1958, N. Marston (1♂ 1♀, KSUC); Poncha Springs, 7,500ft,, W.R.M. Mason (2♀, CNCI). Prowers Co.,, N. Marston (1♀, KSUC); Sandhills, Keenesburg,, B.H. Poole (1♀, CNCI); Teller Co., 21.viii.1959, N. Marston (1♀, KSUC); Teller Co., Mt. Evans, 10,600 ­ 13,200 ft, 10­ 26.vii.­7.viii.1961. W.R.M. Mason, J.G.Chillcott, S.M.Clark, C.H.Mann and B.H. Poole (5?25?, CNCI); Tenn Pass, 10,300ft, 30.vii­2.viii.1919 (1♀, AMNH); [?], (1♂, USNM). District of Columbia: Eastern Bearch., 22.x.1914, R.C. Shannon (5♂ 1♀, USNM, BMNH). Georgia: Rabun Co., Satolah, 2,500ft, 7.vii.1957, W.R.M. Mason (1♂,CNCI). Idaho: Adelaide, Medium Rank, 26.viii.1927, host: S. pestifer   (2♂, USNM); Berger,, D.E. Fox, (2♂, USNM); Blackfoot, 6.viii.1931, D.E. Fox, host Beta vulgaris   , (1♂, USNM); Burley, 9.vii and 2.ix.1930,,, D.E. Fox, host: S. pestifer   and N. altissma   , (7♂ 9♀, USNM); Burley Idaho, 7­6­1931, R.H. Beamer (1♂, TAMU); Carey, 12.ix.1936, C.F. Henderson (1♂, USNM); Castleford, 2.viii.1928, host: S. sophia   (1♀, USNM); Coeur d'Alene, Echo Bay, 3.viii.1924, A.L. Melander (4♂ 1♀, USNM); Easten Idaho, (1♂, USNM); Evansville, 7.v.1914, J.M. Aldrich (1♀, USNM); Filer, 31.vii.1931, H. Waters, host: Beta vulgaris   (1♀, USNM); Franklin, 17.vii.1937, G.F. Knowlton (1♀, DEIC); Hagerman, and 9.ix­9.x.1930, host: N.altissma   and S. pestifer   , (4♀, USNM); Hansen,, 14.ix­9.x.1930 and 30.viii.1932, D.E. Fox, host S. sophia   , N. altissma   and S. pestifer   (3♂ 7♀, USNM); Hollister, 7.ix.1927, 21.viii­5.ix.1930, 1.v.­ 1.x.1931 and 9­26.ix.1932, D.E. Fox, host: S. pestifer   and A.rosea   , (28♂ 18♀, USNM); Juliaelta,, J.M. Aldrichi (1♂, USNM); Kimama, and 12.ix.1930, host: S. pestifer   and N. altissma   (8♂ 4♀, USNM); Kinghill, 24.ix.1936, C.F. Henderson (1♂, USNM); Milner, iv­x.1930, host: S.pestifer   and N. altissma   , (1♂ 3♀, USNM); Moscow, 1.ix.1908, 20­31.viii.1910 and 23.vii­3.ix.1939, T.A. Brindley and J.M. Aldrich (16♂ 17♀, USNM); Murtaugh, and 23.vii.1930, host S. pestifer   , S. sophia   and N. altissma   , (5♂ 2♀, USNM); Oakley, and 3.ix.1931, D.E. Fox, host: S. pestifer   , (1♂ 1♀, USNM); Oneida, Twin Springs, 8.ix.1971, G.F. Knowlton (2♂ 1♀, BMNH); Osgood, 17.ix.1931, D.E. Fox, host Beta vulgaris   , (1♂, USNM); Preston, 17.vii.1922, E.P. Duzee (2♂, CASC); Preston, 17.vii.1937, G.F. Knowlton (1♀, DEIC); Rupert, 14.viii.1930, host: S. pestifer   , (1♂ 1♀, USNM); Sand Point, 27.vii.1918, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM); Tuttle, 8.ix.1931 and 30.v.1934, Harries and Fox, host: S. Parviflora (2♂ 3♀, USNM); Twin Falls, 4.viii.1929, H. Waters (1♂, USNM); Waha, 12.viii.1923, A.L.Melander (1♀, USNM); Wendell, 8.ix.1931, D.E. Fox, host S. pestifer   , (1♂ 1♀, USNM); Yale, 23.viii.1936, (1♀, USNM). Indiana: La Fayette, 30.iv.1915 and 22­23.x, J.M. Aldrich (9♂ 12♀, USNM, CNCI); Michigan City,, J.M. Aldrich (1♂ 2♀, USNM). Iowa: Sioux City, 1.ix.1938 and, C.N. Ainslie (2♂ 2♀, AMNH). Kansas: Garden City, 11.vii.1913, F.B. Milliken, host: Nygus angustatus   , (2♂ 4♀, USNM); Lawrence, Nat. Hist. Res., 26.v.1956, J.G. Chillcott (3♂ 2♀, CNCI); Medora, 17.iv., C.W. Sabrosky (1♀, USNM); Manhatten, 29.ix.1934 and 14.iv.1974, C.W. Sabrosky (1♂ 9♀, USNM, BMNH); Manhatten, 26.v.1925, R.C. Smith (1♂ 4♀, KSUC); Manhatten, 26.v.1940, R. Schwitzgebel Coll., From Vernonia interior Sm.   (1♂, KSUC); Marguette, 29.iv.1934 (1♀, USNM); Pottawatomile Co., 4.vii.1936, R.H. Painter (1♀, KSUC). Massachusetts: Forest Hills, 27.ix.1923 (1♂, USNM). Maryland: near Plummers Id, 23.v.1914 (1♂,USNM). Michigan: E. Lansing, 2.x.1941, C.W. Sabrosky (1♀, USNM). Mississippi: Agr. Col., 4­9.1922 (1♂, TAMU). Dorcheoter, 29.ix.1899 (1♂, BMNH). Missouri: Miller Co., Iberia, 16.viii.1964, A.R. Moldenke (5♂ 3♀, AMNH). Montana: Baird, 31.vii.1923, A.L. Melander (6♂ 4♀, USNM); Carbon Co., E Rosebud Lake, 5,400 ­6,200 ft, 3.vii­ 13.viii.1966, B and C. Durden (4♀, AMNH); 3­Forks, 1.viii.1918, A.L. Melander (2♂ 4♀, USNM); Georgestown Lake, 31.vii.1923, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM); Petroleum Co., 1.5 mi S and 5 mi W Winnett, 30.vii.1969, N.E. Rees (2♀, USNM); Wabaux, 3.ix.1952, C.W. Sabrosky (1♂, USNM). Nebraska: West Point, 9.ix.1912, J.C. Vrawford (1♂ 6♀, USNM). New Hampshire: Bandelier Mon., Frijoles Can.,, Burks and Kinzer (1♀, USNM); Pinedale, 7, vi.1949, L.C. Wyman (1♀, USNM); Socorro, 1916, S.W. Williston (6♀, USNM). Nevada: Clark Co., Charleston Peak, Kyle Canyon, 2,200m, 14.vii.1966, P.H Arnaud, Jr. (1♂, CASC); Lander Co., Austin(30mi S), Kingston Camp, 7,300ft, 16.vii.1966, F.P. and M. Ringdge (1♀, AMNH); Mercury, Byu­Aec­Nts, 11.viii.1965 (1♂ 1♀, USNM); Reno, Panther Valley, 600 Newport Lane, 24.viii.1983, P.H. Arnaud, Jr. (1♂ 1♀, CASC); Sparks,, E.P. van Duzee (2♂,CAS); Washoe Co., Vya, 19.vii.1927 (1♂, CUIC); White Pine Co., Baker(14mi W), Upper Lehman Cr., 9,800ft, 4.viii.1966, F.P. and M. Rindge (1♂,AMNH). New Jersey: Moorestown,, F.A. Streams, host: Lygus linolaris   , (1♂, USNM); Woodbury,, C.W. Johnson (2♂, USNM). New Mexico: Bernalillo Co., E Slope Sandia Mts., Cerdar Crest(14km W), 2,438m, 15.vii.1976, T.W. Davies (1♂ 1♀, AMNH, CASC); Catron, Clenwood,, W.W. Wirth (1♂, USNM); Dona Ana Co., Organ Mts., Finley Cyn., 5,000ft, 2.v.1982, N.L.Evenhuis (3♂, BPBM); Eddy Co., Carlsbad, 30.v.1983, W.J. Pulawski (1♂, CASC); Grant Co., Gila Nat. For., Silver City(2mi N), 2,250m, 29­31.vii.1982, J.E. and W.M. O'Hara (1♂, DEBU); Hidalgo Co., Rodeo (11mi N), 22.viii.1962 and 1.v.1967, Rozen and Favreau at al (2♂ 1♀, AMNH); McKinley Co., 24.viii.1959, N. Mars (1♂, KSUC); Luna Co., Columbus, 24.iv.1985, W.J. Pulawski (1M, CASC); Las Cruces, 30.iv.1942, A.L. Melander and Townsend (2♀, USNM, BMNH); Rio Arriba Co., Lower Canjilon Lakes, 6.vii.1978, Davis (1♀, CASC); Valencia Co., 24.viii.1959, N. Marston (1♂, KSUC). New York: Brentwood, L.I. 14.ix.1935, Blanton and Borders (1♀, CUIC); Babylon, 30.v.1934, F.S. Blanton (1♂ 2♀, CUIC); Cld. Spr. Harb., 3.viii.1927, A.L. Melander (2♂, USNM); Rochester, 22.x.1933, R.L. Post (2♂, AMNH); Suffolk Co., 12.ix.1964, M.I. Blendermann (1♀, CUIC); Shoon,, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM). North Carolina: Cherokee, 2,000ft, 29.v.1957, W.R.M. Mason (1♂,CNCI). North Dakota: Beach, 3.ix.1921, R.L. Webster (1♂, USNM); Bismarck,, J.M. Aldrich (1♀, USNM); Minot,, J.M. Aldrich (2♀, USNM); Mott, 5.x.1915, I.N. Gabrielson (2♂, USNM); Mercer Co., Ecotone, 4­6.viii.1972, A.C.F. Hung (2♀, USNM); Mountrail Co., White Lake,, W.W. Wirth (1♀, USNM); Sanish, 27.vii.1918, J.M. Aldrich (1♀, USNM). New Mexico: Chaves Co., 20 mi NW Kenna, 12.v.1988, malaise trap, N. Jorgensen (1♀, CNCI); Colfax Co., 4 mi NW Ute Park, malaise trap, 22.vii.1976, N. Jorgensen (1♀, CNCI); De Baca Co., Fort Summer,, malaise trap, N. Jorgensen (5♂ 8♀, CNCI); Loncoln Co., Bonita Lake Region, 8.vii.1988, malaise trap, N. Jorgensen (1♂ 1♀, CNCI); Otero Co., Bluff Springs,, malaise trap, N. Jorgensen (1♀, CNCI); Otero Co., Penasco River, Mayhill (8 mi W),, N. Jorgensen (4♂ 4♀, CNCI); Roosevelt Co., Blackwater Draw, nr. Portales, 4,000ft, desert malaise, 1.iv.­24­ 30.v.1991, J.E. O'Hara and N. Jorgensen (12♂ 4♀, CNCI); Roosevelt Co., Portales (4 mi SE, 14 mi SW, 7­8 mi NE and 6 mi E), 4.vii.1988, 7.iv­, 24.x.1987, 19­ 31.v.1976, and 6.xi.1984, malaise trap, N. Jorgensen (43♂ 43♀, CNCI); San Miguel Co., Sapello (5 mi W), 27.v.1976, N. Jorgensen (2♂, CNCI); Sitting Bull Falls,, N. Jorgensen (5♂, CNCI); Torrance Co., Red Canyon camp Ground, 6 mi W manzano, 12.vii.1988, malaise trap, N. Jorgensen (1♀, CNCI); Torrance Co., Manzao Mtns., 8 mi W Tajique, 7,5ooft, 11­12.viii.1993, J.E. O'Hara (1♂, CNCI). Oklahoma: Cleveland Co., 18.iii.1931 (1♂, AMNH); Woodward Co., nr. Freedom, 8.v.1974, G.F. and S. Hevel (1♂, USNM). Oregon: Deschutes Co., Deschutes River, Pringle Falls(1mi SW), 31.vii.1974, P.H. Arnaud, Jr. (1♂ 3♀, CAS, AMNH); Klamath Lake, Eagle Ridge, 13­, C.L. Fox (1♂ 2♀, CASC); Mt., Hood, 3,000ft, 29­30.vii.1921, A.L. Melander, (6♂ 2♀, USNM); Marion Co., Silverton Hills, 5.v.1940, R.E. Rieder (1♂, USNM); North Powder, 3,240 ft, 10.viii.1929, H.A. Soullen (1♀, TAMU); Umapine,, A.L Melander (1♂ 1♀, USNM); Sisters, 3,180ft, 13.viii.1929, H.A. Scullen (1♀, CUIC). Pennsylvania: Luzerne Co., Alden, 12.v.1964, J.G. Chillcott (1♂, CNCI); Philadelphia, 23.viii.1900 (1♀, USNM). South Carolina: Clemson, 27.iii.1951, W.R.M. Mason (1♂, CNCI); Columbia, P. Luginbill, host: Blissus leucopterus   (1♀, USNM). South Dakota: Brooking, 24.v.1918 and 30.viii.1891, J.M. Aldrich and H.C. Serverin (2♂ 4♀, USNM); Brookings (2♂ 1♀, BMNH); Custer, 15.vii.1924 (2♂ 1♀, USNM); Custer (2♀, TAMU); Hot Springs, 6.vii.1961, H.A. Howden (1♀, CNCI). Pringle (8mi N), Flynn Greek, 5,400ft, 8­ 11.vii.1961, H. and A. Howden (5♂ 5♀, CNCI); Sylvan Lake (2mi S)., Black Hills, 11.vii.1961, H.A. Howden (4♀, CNCI); Pierre, 22­23.v.1930, J.M. Aldrich (4♂ 7♀, USNM); Phillip, 8.viii.1924 (1♀, USNM); Rapid City, J.M. Aldrich (1♂ 2♀, USNM). Texas: Big Bent N.P., Green Gulch and Pine Can., 3,000 ­6,000 ft, 1­4,21. v.1959, J.F. McAlpine (29♂ 22♀, CNCI); College Station, 11.vii.1917, 22.x.1917, 15.iii.1922, 15.x.1933, H.J. Reinhard etc. (7♂, CAS, CUIC, TAMU); Del Rio, 25­26.iv.1959, Becker and Hawden and J.F. McAlpine (2♂, CNCI); N.W. Blanco Co., Davis Ranch, 23.iv.1959, W.R.M. Mason (1♀, CNCI); Ft. Davis(10mi W), Nr. Pt. of Rocks, 5,000ft, 28­30.v.1959, F. McAlpine (2♂ 2♀, CNCI); Fredericksburg, 16­18.iv.1959, W.R.N. Mason and J.F. McAlpine (4♂, CNCI); Kerrville, 2­21.iv.1959, J.F. McAlpine (7♂ 3♀, CNCI); Jeff Davis Co., Toyahvale, 22.iii.1967, D.M. Wood (2♂ 2♀, CNCI); Randall Co., Palo Duro Canyon St. Park, 26.v., J.E. Swann (1♂, DEBU); S Austin, (1♂, USNM). Utah: Blue Creek, 19.vii.1934, G.F. Knowlton (1♂, TAMU); Cache Co., Newton and Clearcreek Cyn.,­3.vii.1954, G.F. Knowlton (2♀, AMNH); Corinne, 26.viii.1953, G.F. Knowlton (1♂, USNM); Dgeen Cn., Hunksville, 21.vii.1922, E.P. Van Duzee (3♂, CASC); Elsinore, 20.x.1929, D.E. Fox (1♂, USNM); Emery Co., Gilson Butte, 31.vii.1982, A. and K. Menke (1♀, USNM); Ft. Duchesne, 21.vii.1958, G.F. Knowlton (2♂, USNM): Fort Duchesne,, G.F. Knowlton (2♂, DEIC); Garland, 29.v.1930, G.F. Knowltons, from Norta altissima   (1♂, TAMU); Halbert, 15.viii.1930, M.J. Janes (1♂, TAMU); Hanksville (24mi S), Henry Mts., 7,500ft, 29.vii.1968, J.E.H. Martin (1♂, CNCI); Henry Mts., Bull Greek Pass, 10,200ft, 18.vii.1968, J.E.H. Martin (1♂, CNCI); Hyde Park, 10.viii.1974, G.F. Knowlton (1♀, BMNH); Kaysville, 20.x.1914, L.P. Rockwood (1♂ 1♀, USNM); Logan Canon, 1934, T.O. Thatcher (1♀, USNM); La Sal, 3.viii. L.H. Gloya (1♀, KSUC); Midvale, 7.viii.1937, G.F. Knowlton (1♀, DEIC); Midvale, 2­20.ix.1953, T.O. Thatcher (2♂, USNM); Milford, 19.viii.1958, G.F. Knowlton (1♀, USNM); Moab, 20.viii.1936, G.F. Knowlton (1♂, USNM); San Juan Co.(5mi W), Monticello, Dalton Springs Camp, 8500ft, 12.vii.1963 ,, F.P. and M. Rindge (1♂ 1♀, AMNH); Prove, 31.vii.1937, G.F. Knowlton (1♂, DEIC); Provo, 4,750ft, 29.vii­1.viii.1920 and, H.P. Chindler et al (2♂ 1♀, CAS, AMNH); Randalph, 23.viii.1957, (1♀, TAMU); Richfield, 20.x.1929, D.E. Fox (1♂, USNM); Tooele Co., Hwy 80, 22.5 km E Knolls, 23.viii.1983, P.H.Arnaud, Jr. (1♂, CASC); Uinta Mts., 16.viii.1940, Hall (1♂ 3♀, USNM); Utah Lake, nr. Lehi,, E.P. van Duzee (1♀, CASC); Vernal, 22.vii.1958, G.F. Knowlton (2♂, USNM); Vernal (22­30mi N), 8,000 ­8,400 ft, 8.vii.1961, B.H. Poole and J.G. Chillcott (1♂ 2♀, CNCI); Wasatch Co., Strawberry Valley, 7,800ft, 9.vii.1961, J.G. Chillcott (1♂, CNCI); Wasatch Mts., Cache National Forest, 31.vii.1940, D.G. Hall (2♂, USNM). Virginia: Mathews, 9.iv.1957, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM). Washington: Almota, (2♀, USNM); Asotin,, J.M. Aldrich (1♂, USNM); Benton Co., Hanford Site, 11.iv.1994, R.S. Zack (7♂ 2♀, CNCI); Benton Co., West Richland, 19.v.1979, N.E. Woodley (1♂, USNM); Central Ferry, 3.ix.1921, A.L. Melander (1♂,USNM); Fishtrap Lake, 8.viii, J.M. Aldrich (4♀, USNM); Franklin Co., Sacajaweast Pk., 12.vii.1988. W. N. and D. Mathis (1♂, USNM); Grant Co., Columbia River, Mattana (2mi S),, N.E. Woodley (1♀, USNM); Kamiac Mt., 4.vii.1918, A.L Melander (1♂, USNM); Kettle Falls, 3.v.1912 (1♂, USNM); Lind,, F.W. Carlson (1♂, USNM); Oroville, (3♂ 1♀, USNM); Pallouse, (1♀, USNM); Pullman, 21.v.1907, and 23.v.1918, (5♂ 8♀, USNM); Richland (10mi NW), 26.v.1979 (1♀, USNM); Ritzville,, R.C. Shannon (2♀, USNM, CUIC); Spokane, 7.viii.1924, J.M. Aldrich (18♂ 16♀, USNM); Pullman, 13.v.1923, 3.vii.1921 and 25.v.1924, A.L. Melander (4♂ 6♀, USNM); Union Flat, 29.viii.1916 (1♀, USNM); Walla Walla,, H. Lanchester (1♂ 1♀, USNM); Wawawai, 20.v.1911 and 12.vii.1925, C.L. Fox (4♂, CAS, USNM); Wawawai, 30.v.1921, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM). Wisconsin: Blue Mts., Rose Spg.,, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM); Cashmere, 29.v.1917, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM); Creston,, A.L. Melander (2♀, USNM); Coulee City, 3.ix.1920, R.C. Shannon, host: Ceanoth velutinusa (2♀, USNM); Lake Mills, 5.vii.1935, F. Snyder (1♀, AMNH); Moses Coulee, 22.iv.1933 (1♀, CUIC); Mt. Rainier, Dege Peak, 25.viii.1934, A.L. Melander (2♂, USNM); No.Yakima, 22.v.1917, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM); Polk Co., St Croix Falls, 18.x.1936, F. Snyder (1♀, AMNH); Paterson, 26.iv.1936 (1♀, USNM); Pateros, 3.viii.1919, A.L. Melander (2♂ 1♀, USNM); Ritzville, 13­17.vii.1922, M.C. Lane (2♂ 3♀, USNM); R.R. Bridge Leavenworth, 27.vii.1919, Burrill (1♂, USNM); Stehekin, Lake Chelan, 30.vii.1919, A. L. Melander (1♂ 1♀, USNM); Toppenish,, A. L. Melander (14♂ 4♀, USNM). Wyoming: Moran, 25.vii.1934, A.L. Melander (3♀, USNM); Crook Co., Black Hills Nat. For. Cook Lake rec. Area, 5.viii.1990, J.E. Swann (1♂, DEBU); Sweetwater Co., 70mi E Rock Spgs., 15.viii.1963, N.B. Marston (1♂ 1♀, USNM); South Wyoming, 25.viii, C.B. Philip (1♀, CASC); Yellowstone Park, Lewis Lake, 28.vii.1934, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM); Yellowstone Park, U. Geyser Basin, 7.viii.1918, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM). Doubtful States: Skeurordoala, 7.viii.1939, W.W. Wirth (1♀, USNM); Pleos, Groae, 10.ix.1931, G.F. Knowlton (1♂, TAMU); Bachis Slough, 29.v.1931 (1♂, USNM); Alamo Alto Sta., 30.ix.1950, L. alyssoides   (? host), (1♀, USNM). MEXICO. Baja California, Agua Caliente (San Carlos), 18.5 km E Maneadero, 6.viii.1973, P.H. Arnaud, Jr. (3♂ 1♀, CASC); Chih, 30 mi NW Chih, Majalca, 5,000ft, 17.iv.1961, Howden and Martin (1♂, CNCI); Dgo, 10­26 mi W El Salto, 8,000 ­9,000 ft, 10,27. vii.1964, J.F. McAlpine (3♂, CNCI); Xochinilco, Elev, 8,000ft, 17.viii.1962, M.E. Milliron (1♀, CNCI). RUSSIA. Siberia, Novosibirsk Region, Chany Lake Bio. Station, on flowers, 3.vii.1991, S.A. Marshall (4♂, DEBU). MONGOLIA. Suchebaator aimak, Chadatin­bulan, 60km N v. Somon Bajanterem, 950m, 31.viii.1965, Dr. Z. Kaszab (1♀, CNCI).


Emblethis vicarius Horvath   ( Hemiptera   , Lygaeidae   ): ­ CANADA (BC) ( Scudder 1966: 286).

Geocoris bullatus (Say)   ( Hemiptera   , Lygaeidae   ): ­ USA (CA) ( Clancy and Pierce 1966: 857­858).

Geocoris punctipes (Say)   ( Hemiptera   , Lygaeidae   ): ­ USA (CA) ( Clancy and Pierce 1966: 857­858).

Geocoris uliginosus (Say)   ( Hemiptera   , Lygaeidae   ): ­ USA (CA) ( Clancy and Pierce 1966).

Nysius angustatus Uhler   ( Hemiptera   , Lygaeidae   ): ­ USA (KS, Garden City) (new record).

Nysius raphanus Howard   ( Hemiptera   , Lygaeidae   ): ­ USA (CA)( Clancy and Pierce 1966: 858).

Nysius ericae (Schilling)   (= Nysius niger Baker 1906   ) ( Hemiptera   , Lygaeidae   ): ­ USA (MN) ( Bird and Mitchener 1953: 44).

Lygus linolaris (Palisot)   ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): ­ USA (NJ, Moorestown) (new record).


Phasia aldrichii (Townsend)   is a Holarctic species. Although widely distributed in the Nearctic region, the only Palaearctic records are from Hungary, northern Kazakhstan, southern Siberia, and Mongolia ( Draber­Mońko 1965: 107­108 and Herting 1984: 170).


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