Phasia robertsonii ( Townsend, 1891 )

Sun, Xuekui & Marshall, Stephen A., 2003, Systematics of Phasia Latreille (Diptera: Tachinidae), Zootaxa 276 (1), pp. 1-320: 99-107

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Phasia robertsonii ( Townsend, 1891 )


3.4.15 Phasia robertsonii ( Townsend, 1891)  

(Figures I­49, II­9.2)

Hyalomyia robertsonii Townsend, 1891: 136   .

Alophora fumosa Coquillett, 1897: 46   , syn. nov.

Alophora nitida Coquillett, 1897: 45   , syn. nov.

Alophora phasioides Coquillett, 1897: 46   , syn. nov.

Alophora pulverea Coquillett, 1897: 46   , syn. nov.

Phasia brevineura   West, 1925: 122, syn. nov.

Phasia furva   West, 1925: 123, syn. nov.

Alophora opaca   : ­ Painter 1929: 105­106 (host, biology)

Alophoropsis nitida   : ­ Brooks 1945: 662 (mention).

Alophoropsis phasioides   : ­ Brooks 1945: 663 (redescription).

Oedematopteryx pulverea   : ­ Brooks 1945: 665 (redescription).

Oedematopteryx fumosa   : ­ Brooks 1945: 666 (redescription and host) ­ Clancy and Pierce 1966: 855, 857 (host).

Alophorella aeneoventris robertsonii: Brooks 1945: 671   (in part).

Alophorella phasioides   : ­ Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 968 (catalog).

Allophora aeneoventris   : ­ Medler 1961: 102 (host, biology).

Alophorella nitida   : ­ Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 968 (catalog).

Alophorella fumosa   : ­ Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 968 (catalog) ­ Arnaud 1978: 4 (host catalog).

Alophorella pulverea   : ­ Sabrosky and Arnaud 1965: 968 (catalog) ­ Araund 1978: 4, 59 (host catalog) ­ Clancy and Pierce 1966: 855,857 (hosts) ­ Medler 1961: 101­102 (biology) ­ Greene 1922: (pupa, as Alophora   ; descr., fig.45 on pl. 10).

Phasia robertsonii   : ­ Day 1995: 100­106 (hosts, ecology).


Body length: 5.5­11 mm.

MALE: HEAD. Head spherical or nearly so. Eyes usually separated by a distance as wide as ocellar triangle. Fronto­orbital plate black, yellow or grey pruinose, 4­6 rows ohairs laterally. Frontal vitta nearly parallel, black or brown. Frontal vitta at base of antennae 0.65­0.75 times as wide as fronto­orbital plate anteriorly. Ocellar setae absent, or present but fine; outer vertical setae absent, or present; inner vertical setae absent. Face black with grey pruinosity. Parafacial black, grey, or yellow pruinose, bare, 1.0­1.1 times as wide as first flagellomere. Lower margin of face projecting, visible in profile, orange yellow, or brown, grey pruinose. Vibrissa well differentiated; intervibrissal distance 1.4­ 1.5 times distance between vibrissa and eye on same side; facial ridge with bristles on lower 1/8­1/5. Gena brown to black with grey pruinosity; hairs white, or black; height 0.1­ 0.11 times eye height. Lunule black and shining; sublunular bulla indistinct. Antenna black; first flagellomere 1.2 times as long as pedicel; arista thickened on basal 0.25. Length of oral opening 2.5 times its width. Occiput flattened, white pruinose; hairs white. Palpus yellow, or brown.

THORAX. Mesoscutum thinly pruinose, without black longitudinal vitta or indistinct, with fine black hairs. 0+1 acrostichal seta; 0+1 dorsocentral seta; 2 postpronotal setae; presutural supra­alar seta present, strong; 0 postsutural intra­alar seta; 2 notopleural setae; 1 supra­alar seta; 2 postalar setae. Pleuron thinly grey pruinose; hairs black; and without scale­like setae. Anepimeral setae medium size, or strongly, black; 1 katepisternal seta; 7­ 12 meral setae. Scutellum black with grey pruinosity, with two pairs of marginal setae; apical setae present and distinct; discal setae randomly arranged, not in rows. Subscutellum not very prominent. WING. Lower calypter hyaline white. Wing base without scale­like setae. Tegula black. Basicosta yellow. Wing hyaline, or pictured (various patterns), narrow or broad; petiole of apical cell 0.25­0.38 times as long as preceding section of R 4+5; M meeting R 4+5 almost at right angle. Halter yellow or brown. LEGS. Fore femur brown, or brown but upper part black, with white or yellow or black hairs. Fore tibia brown, or brown but upper part black, with 0­1 p, apically with 0­1 v, 0­1 pv, 1 p and 1 d. Fore tarus normal; brown to black. Fore claws brown, or brown but apex black; 1.1­1.2 times as long as fifth tarsomere. Pulvilli yellow, or brown to black. Mid femur brown to black, with whitish yellow or black hairs. Mid tibia brown to black, with 1 ad, 0­1 p and 1 v, apically with 1 ad, 0­1 a, 1 av, 1 pv, 0­1 p, 1 v and d. Hind femur brown to black; whitish yellow or black hairs; scale­like setae absent. Hind tibia brown to black, with 5­6 ad and 4­6 pd.

ABDOMEN. Abdominal tergites black; longitudinal vitta absent; tergites purple shining, or with thinly or strongly yellowish grey pruinosity. Relative length of abdominal tergites I+II:III:IV: V = 1.3­1.5:1:1:1.1; relative width I+II:III:IV: V = 0.6:1:1:0.8. Hair spots indistinct. TERMINALIA. Syncercus with a small and shallow notch posteriorly; apex with a pair of saw teeth ventrally. Surstylus slender, slightly broadened posteriorly, longer than cercus. Ejaculatory apodeme small, knob­like. Hypandrium broad, as long as phallapodeme. Epiphallus well developed. Both pregonite and postgonite pointed. Phallus 1.2­1.3 times as long as hypandrium, haired dorsally on basal 1/2. Ventrolateral process bent ventrally, and hook­like, apex membranous. Dorsolateral process straight, apex membranous.

FEMALE. Wing hyaline. Eyes separated by a distance as wide as single ocellus; not touching. Anterior spine­like setae of hind tibia present. Tergites with thinly grey or yellowish grey pruinosity. Sternite VII (sheath) longer than sternite VI, tapered, narrow apically, slightly bent, apex directed dorsally, sternite VII with linear wrinkles ventrally. Ovipositor bent upward.


Hyalomyia robertsonii Townsend, 1891   . Co­types 2♀, [ USA], South Illinois, Robertson [No. 4465­4466] (SEMC, examined).

Alophora nitida Coquillett, 1897   . Holotype ♂, [ USA], Virginia, Potomac Creek, 23.v.1896, C.W. Johnson, type no. 3520 (USNM, examined).

Alophora fumosa Coquillett, 1897   . Holotype ♂, [ USA], New Jersey, Clementon, 18.v.1896, C.W. Johnson, type no. 3524 (USNM, examined);

Alophora phasioides Coquillett, 1897   . Holotype ♂, [ USA], New Hampshire, Mrs. A.T. Slosson, type no. 3523 (USNM, examined);

Alophora pulverea Coquillett, 1897   . Holotype ♂, [ CANADA], Ontario, Grimsby, 7.x.1894, type no. 3525 (USNM, examined).

Phasia furva   West, 1925. Paratypes, 1♂ 3♀, [ USA], New York, Molean Res., Grass Bog, viii.27­ix.14.1924, viii.12.1916 (CUIC, examined); 2♂, [ USA], New York, Ithaca, vii.21.1903, ix.10.1919 (CUIC, examined).

Phasia brevineura   West, 1925. Holotype ♂, [ USA], New York, Ithaca, 3.vii.1916 (CUIC, No.1858, examined).


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Adelphocoris lineolatus (Goeze)   ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): ­ USA (NJ) ( Day 1995: 102)

Leptopterna dolabrata (Linnaeus)   ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): ­ USA (IL, NJ, NY) ( Day 1995: 102).

Lygocoris caryae (Knight)   ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): ­ USA (NY) ( Arnaud 1978: 59, 60 ­ Brooks 1945: 666).

Cosmopepla bimaculata Thomas   ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): ­ USA (NY) (Araund 1978: 59 ­ Clance and Pierce 1966: 857).

Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois)   ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): ­ USA (AK, NY, NJ, WI, MS, MI, MO), CANADA (ON) ( Arnaud 1978: 59, 60 ­ Clancy and Pierce 1966: 855,857­ Day 1995: 102).

Holcostethus limbolaris Stal   ( Hemiptera   , Pentatomidae   ): ­ USA (OH) ( Arnaud 1978: 60, Clancy and Pierce 1966: 857).

Megaloceroea recticornis (Geoffroy)   ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): USA (NJ) ( Day 1995: 102).

Podisus sp.   ( Hemiptera   , Pentatomidae   ): ­ USA (GA) (new record).

Sinea spinipes (Herrich­Schaeffer)   ( Hemiptera   , Reduviidae   ): ­ USA (GA) (new record).

Stenotus binotatus   (F.) ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): ­ USA (NJ) ( Day 1995: 102).

Trigonotylus coelestialium (Kirkaldy)   ( Hemiptera   , Miridae   ): ­ USA (NJ) ( Day 1995: 102).


Hypera postica (Gyllenhal)   ( Coleoptera   , Curculionidae   ): ­ USA (NJ).

Philaenus leucophthalmus Linnaeus   (Homoptera, Cercopidae   ): ­ USA (PA).


Royal British Columbia Museum - Herbarium














Phasia robertsonii ( Townsend, 1891 )

Sun, Xuekui & Marshall, Stephen A. 2003

Hyalomyia robertsonii

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Brooks, A. R. 1945: 663
Brooks, A. R. 1945: 665
Brooks, A. R. 1945: 666
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Coquillett, D. W. 1897: 46
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