Dissomphalus stellatus, Azevedo, 1999

Azevedo, C. O., 2003, Synopsis of the Neotropical Dissomphalus (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae), Zootaxa 338 (1), pp. 1-74: 63

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.338.1.1

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Dissomphalus stellatus


stellatus   species­group

Diagnosis. — Male. Clypeus tridentate, lateral teeth well­defined, subangulate and far from the median one, metasoma with median tergal processes, median depression with pair of lateral tubercles, stalk of the hypopygium wide, base of the ventral ramus of the aedeagus with pair of ventral modifications.

Comments. — The group contains D. bicarinatus Azevedo, 1999   , D. largidentatus Azevedo, 1999   , D. stellatus Azevedo, 1999   , D. stellatus Azevedo, 1999   , and D. tortuosus Azevedo, 1999   . It occurs only in South America, D. stellatus   , sp. n., being more broadly widespread than all the others. The other species occur in the Amazon Forest.