Hippeutis complanatus ( Linnaeus, 1758 )

Marković, Vanja, Gojšina, Vukašin, Novaković, Boris, Božanić, Milenka, Stojanović, Katarina, Karan-Žnidaršič, Tamara & Živić, Ivana, 2021, The freshwater molluscs of Serbia: Annotated checklist with remarks on distribution and protection status, Zootaxa 5003 (1), pp. 1-64: 32

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Hippeutis complanatus ( Linnaeus, 1758 )


64. Hippeutis complanatus ( Linnaeus, 1758)  

Findings in Serbia.

Hippeutis complanatus   : Hesse (1929); Karaman (2001); Karaman & Karaman (2007); Novaković (2016 pers. comm.); Gojšina (2021 pers. comm.).

Common name. Flat ramshorn.

Morphology. Small snails, up to 5 mm diameter. Flattened and shiny translucent shell is finely striated and consists of 3–4 rapidly increasing whorls. The last whorl is large and medial keeled. Umbilicus is 1/6–1/4 of shell diameter. For more details see Welter-Schultes (2012: 65, figure at the bottom of the page).

Distribution and ecology. Holarctic species up to 1100 m.a.s.l. Inhabits stagnant and slow-flowing waters rich in vegetation. Does not tolerate droughts ( Welter-Schultes 2012). Rare in Serbia, it was recorded in the Danube, Jezava and Plazović Rivers, and a small pond near the Nera River (Bela Crkva Municipality).

Other remarks. Due to threatened and polluted habitats the species has scarce findings across its distribution range. Considered as vulnerable species in Austria and Switzerland ( Welter-Schultes 2012). On the IUCN Red List it has been assessed as LC ( Killeen & Seddon 2011 b).

Genus Segmentina J. Fleming, 1818