Pseudhomalopoda Girault 1915 e,

Zuparko, Robert L., 2015, Annotated Checklist of California Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera), Zootaxa 4017 (1), pp. 1-126: 48

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Pseudhomalopoda Girault 1915 e


Pseudhomalopoda Girault 1915 e  [New state record]

Hosts. Hemiptera  : Diaspididae 


Remarks. A single specimen ( CSCA) was collected on an aphid-infested pecan tree ( Carya  sp., Juglandaceae  ) in Orange County, and identified as Pseudhomalopoda  nr. guamensis by Burks in 1959. The specimen is now badly damaged, and all that remains is the mesosoma (with a pin running through the scutellum), two legs, one forewing and one hind wing. The fore wing venation nearly matches that of Pseudhomalopoda prima Girault 1915 e  , so it appears that the determination by Burks is correct. Besides armored scales, hosts recorded in the literature include Aleyrodidae  and Coccidae  .


California State Collection of Arthropods