Gahaniella Timberlake 1926,

Zuparko, Robert L., 2015, Annotated Checklist of California Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera), Zootaxa 4017 (1), pp. 1-126: 29-30

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Gahaniella Timberlake 1926


Gahaniella Timberlake 1926 

Hosts. Primary or hyperparasitoid of Hemiptera  : Asterolecaniidae  , Coccidae  , Ortheziidae  , Pseudococcidae  californica Timberlake 1926: 26 

Type. USNM

Distribution. W (Contra Costa, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Benito, San Diego, Stanislaus)

Host/habitat. Alichtensia argentina  , Coccus hesperidum  , Eulecanium perinflatum  , Parthenolecanium corni  , Saissetia coffeae  , possibly as a hyperparasitoid

Remarks. Although Timberlake (1926) reared this species from P. corni  , no definitive biological studies of this species have been conducted. One congener, G. tertia  , is a hyperparasitoid of Planococcus citri  via Leptomastix dactylopii ( Kerrich 1953)  , and a second, G. saissetiae Timberlake, 1926  , has been recorded from several families of scales ( Noyes 2001) and is suspected of being hyperparasitic on Saissetia oleae  ( Compere 1939 c), although Trjapitzin (2010) considered the entire genus was hyperparasitic. De Santis (1989) reported the host of G. californica  as “Cochinilla blanda”: Noyes (2001) treated this host as a pseudococcid, but it is a common name for C. hesperidum  (see De Santis & Monetti 2008: 97).


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