Neozygina retrorsa, Dietrich & Dmitriev, 2007

Dietrich, C. H. & Dmitriev, D. A., 2007, Revision of the New World leafhopper genus Neozygina Dietrich & Dmitriev (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae: Erythroneurini), Zootaxa 1475, pp. 27-42: 41

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Neozygina retrorsa

n. sp.

Neozygina retrorsa   n. sp.

( Figs. 1X, 4N–P)

Diagnosis. Length of male 2.9 mm, female 3.1 mm. Closely resembling N. argentiniensis   , but differing as follows: male pygofer ( Fig. 4N) with ventral spine more elongate, strongly curved dorsad and only slightly mesad; aedeagus ( Figs. 4O, P) without basal processes, shaft very narrowly U-shaped in lateral view, apex in posterior view with pair of short forcipate distal processes and pair of retrorse lateral preapical spines, sinuate in lateral view.

Material examined. Holotype male, ECUADOR, Orellana, Transect Ent. 1km S Onkonegare Camp, Reserva Etnica Waorani , 00°39’10”S, 076°26’00”W, 12 February 1999 ( T. L. Erwin, et al., fogging terra firme forest, lot#1023) [ USNM] GoogleMaps   . Paratypes: 1 male, same data except lot#1027, 12 February 1999 GoogleMaps   ; 1 male, same data except lot#1560, 21 June 1996 GoogleMaps   ; 2 females, same data except lot#1440, 7 February 1996 [ USNM, INHS] GoogleMaps   .

Note. This species differs from other South American Neozygina   in having the aedeagus without paired basal processes and a distal pair of retrorse spines, upon which the specific name is based.


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