Neozygina forcipata, Dietrich & Dmitriev, 2007

Dietrich, C. H. & Dmitriev, D. A., 2007, Revision of the New World leafhopper genus Neozygina Dietrich & Dmitriev (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae: Erythroneurini), Zootaxa 1475, pp. 27-42: 40

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Neozygina forcipata

n. sp.

Neozygina forcipata   n. sp.

( Figs. 1W, 4L–M)

Diagnosis. Length of male 2.5 mm, female 2.6 mm. Closely resembling N. expanda   , but differing as follows: pygofer with dorsal appendage extended half way to apex of lobe; aedeagal shaft with distal processes formed by bifid apex much smaller and narrower; dorsal margin with pair of small teeth near base.

Material examined. Holotype male, ARGENTINA: La Rioja, Dept. Rosario Peñaloza, east base Sierra Argañaraz , 2,000ft., 31.2210°S, 66.7276°W, 11 October 1997 (M.E. Irwin, F. D. Parker, S. Roig, Malaise trap in wet spot in wash, MEI 97-26) [ INHS] GoogleMaps   . Paratype: 1 female, same data [ INHS] GoogleMaps   .

Note. This species closely resembles N. expanda   but has the distal projections of the aedeagus much more slender. The specific name refers to the forcipate aedeagal apex.


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