Neozygina chiapensis, Dietrich & Dmitriev, 2007

Dietrich, C. H. & Dmitriev, D. A., 2007, Revision of the New World leafhopper genus Neozygina Dietrich & Dmitriev (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae: Erythroneurini), Zootaxa 1475, pp. 27-42: 34-35

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Neozygina chiapensis

n. sp.

Neozygina chiapensis   n. sp.

( Figs. 1J, 3D–F)

Diagnosis. Length of male 3.1 mm. Ground color stramineous, heavily mottled with brown; anteclypeus, mesonotal triangles, scutellum apex, mesosternum, and abdominal terga dark brown; pronotum with extensive symmetrical brown markings anteriorly; forewing without distinct markings. Male pygofer (fig. 3D) with dor- sal appendage arising near midlength, short, tapered, curved mesad; ventral appendage long, slender, extended dorsomesad and crossing midline; lobe between appendages broadly rounded, weakly sclerotized near margin. Aedeagus ( Figs. 3E, F) with preatrium nearly as long as shaft; shaft broad basally, slender and curved dorsad distally, with pair of slender posterolaterally directed spines arising adjacent to dorsal apodeme, apex with pair of short laterally directed processes; gonopore apical.

Material examined. Holotype male, MEXICO: Chiapas, rt. 195 km #31, 10 km NE Chiapa de Corzo , 1000m, 16°49’W, 92°58’W, 4 November 2001 (C.H. Dietrich, vacuum, 01-051-03) [ INHS].  

Note. This species is somewhat similar to N. quadricornis   in coloration, but is readily distinguished by the distinctive aedeagus. The specific name refers to the Mexican state where the type specimen was collected.


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