Neozygina antlera, Dietrich & Dmitriev, 2007

Dietrich, C. H. & Dmitriev, D. A., 2007, Revision of the New World leafhopper genus Neozygina Dietrich & Dmitriev (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae: Erythroneurini), Zootaxa 1475, pp. 27-42: 33-34

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Neozygina antlera

n. sp.

Neozygina antlera   n. sp.

( Figs. 1I, 3A–C)

Diagnosis. Length of male 3.2 mm. Ground color stramineous, infused with brown; apex of anteclypeus, lateral margins of frontoclypeus, mesepisternum, mesonotal triangles, and abdominal terga dark brown. Male pygofer ( Fig. 3A) with dorsal appendage arising near apex, slender, nearly straight, irregularly serrate dorsally; ventral appendage moderately long, slender, curved dorsomesad; lobe between appendages narrow, acute, well sclerotized. Aedeagus ( Figs. 3B, C) with preatrium absent; shaft slender, tubular, straight through most of length in lateral view; without basal processes; distal processes arising preapically laterad of gonopore, long, extended ventrolaterad and curved anterad, bifid distally with ventral branch shorter than dor- sal branch; apex compressed, acuminate; gonopore preapical on posterior surface.

Material examined. Holotype male, MEXICO: Chiapas, rt. 195 km #31, 10km NE Chiapa de Corzo , 1000m, 16°49’N, 92°58’W, 4 November 2001 (C.H. Dietrich, vacuum, 01-051-03) [ INHS] GoogleMaps   . Paratype: 1 male, MEXICO: San Luis Potosi, Tamazunchale , 2 November 1945 (DeLong, Hershberger, Elliot) [ INHS]   .

Note. This species resembles N. ceonothana   , but differs in having the aedeagal shaft recurved rather than sygmoid in lateral view and the processes branched. The specific name refers to the antlerlike distal processes of the aedeagus.


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