Miconia fictilis (J.F.Macbr.) Michelang. & R.Goldenb.,

Michelangeli, Fabián A. & Goldenberg, Renato, 2012, Replacement names and synonyms in Miconia (Melastomataceae: Miconieae), Phytotaxa 52 (1), pp. 29-32: 30-31

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/phytotaxa.52.1.4

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Miconia fictilis (J.F.Macbr.) Michelang. & R.Goldenb.

comb. nov.

Miconia fictilis (J.F.Macbr.) Michelang. & R.Goldenb.  , comb. nov.

Basionym:— Icaria fictilis Macbride (1929: 191)  . Type:— PERU. Huánuco  : Tambo de Vaca , 10–24 June 1923 (fl), J. F. Macbride 4431 (holotype F! [ F0040111 F], isotypes K! [ K000536449], NY! [ NY00228664], US! [ US 00121261])  .

Icaria  was described by Macbride (1929: 191) as a monotypic genus in order to accommodate a taxon from the Peruvian Andes with what he thought had unusual anthers with “wings” on the side of the thecae. However, later on he admitted ( Macbride 1941) that this species was probably well placed within Miconia section Chaenopleura (Richard ex Candolle 1828: 197) Triana ex Hooker (1867: 764)  given its short anthers that open by slits (with the wings beings the flaps of the opened anthers). Wurdack (1972) agreed with this assessment, but did not make the transfer into Miconia  as he thought that this species needed to be compared to M. grisea Cogniaux (1908: 147)  and M. nitida ( Don 1823: 312) Naudin (1850: 244)  . Miconia fictilis  has a puctiform stigma, while M. nitida  and M. grisea  have peltate to capitate stigma ( Cogniaux 1891, Macbride 1941).

Miconia asclepiadea Triana (1871: 121)  . Acinodendron asclepiadeum (Triana) Kuntze (1891: 950)  . Type:— COLOMBIA. Nariño: Prope el Santissimo, inter Tuquerres et Barbacoas Novo-Granatensium, J.J.Triana 4001 (lectotype BM!, here designated [BM000901217], isolectotype COL! [COL000003306]). Syntypes: — COLOMBIA. Caldas: in Andibus Quinduensibus prope Neira provincia Antioquia, 1900 ped., 1852–55, J.J.Triana 4000 (BM! [BM000901216; mounted on the same sheet as Triana 4001], COL! [COL000016809], K! [K000536279; mounted on the same sheet as André 3336, K000536280, which is not a type]); ECUADOR. Pichincha: pariter in sylvis temperatis Andium Quitensium prope Nanegal, Jameson 363 (BM! [BM000885944], K! [K000536281; mounted on the same sheet as s.coll. 383 [K000536282] which is not a type]).

Miconia corazonica Gilli (1981: 682)  . Type:— ECUADOR. Cotopaxi: El Corazon, 1400 m, 28 June 1975 (fl), A.Gilli 215 (holotype W!), nom. illeg., non Miconia corazonica Wurdack (1967: 35)  .

Miconia corazonica Gilli  is a later homonym of Miconia corazonica Wurdack. Both  species were described from material from Cerro Corazon in Ecuador, but Wurdack’s species seems to be related to Miconia hymenanthera Triana (1871: 130)  , while Gilli’s species was placed in Miconia section Glossocentrum ( Crueger 1847: 20) Triana ex J. D. Hooker (1867: 764)  and compared to Miconia puberula Cogniaux (1888: 386)  in the original description. Later, Wurdack (1982) suggested that Gilli’s species should be compared to Miconia asclepiadea  , but he had not seen the type material, so he refrained from making any formal changes. Recent inspection of Gilli 215 housed at W (http://herbarium.univie.ac.at/database/search.php) shows that this is indeed Miconia asclepiadea  , therefore a replacement name is not needed.

In the original description of Miconia asclepiadea Triana (1871)  mentioned three specimens, two of his own from Colombia, and one collected by Jameson in Ecuador. The BM specimen, Triana 4001, is selected as the lectotype as this specimen is in flower  .


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Miconia fictilis (J.F.Macbr.) Michelang. & R.Goldenb.

Michelangeli, Fabián A. & Goldenberg, Renato 2012

Miconia corazonica

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Miconia asclepiadea

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