Siphonosoma cf. cumanense ( Keferstein, 1867 )

Silva-Morales, Itzahí & Gómez-Vásquez, Julio D., 2021, First records and two new species of sipunculans (Sipuncula) from the Southern Mexican Pacific, European Journal of Taxonomy 740 (1), pp. 77-117 : 83

publication ID 10.5852/ejt.2021.740.1283

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Siphonosoma cf. cumanense ( Keferstein, 1867 )


Siphonosoma cf. cumanense ( Keferstein, 1867) View in CoL

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Type locality of nominal species

Cumana, Venezuela ( Keferstein 1867: 53–55, pl. 6, figs 19–21).

Material examined

MEXICO • 1; Oaxaca, Huatulco, Santa Cruz Beach ; 15°45′10″ N, 96°07′49″ W; 1 Dec. 2016; JGV leg.; depth 3 m, in sand; UMAR-SIPU 104 GoogleMaps .


Pinkish and damaged trunk ( Fig. 3A View Fig ). Introvert and trunk with rectangular papillae ( Fig. 3D View Fig ). Approximately 80 peripheral tentacles of equal length ( Fig. 3C View Fig ). Without hooks. Musculature divided in 20 anastomosing longitudinal muscle bands ( Fig. 3B View Fig ). Two pairs of retractor muscles originating at same level along anterior-posterior axis. Dark brown nephridia occupying less than 10% of trunk. Villi present in contractile vessel. Spindle muscle attached to body wall posteriorly.


This species is similar to Siphonosoma cumanense ( Keferstein, 1867) , but the widespread distribution is unlikely.


Subtidal (3 m); in sand.


Santa Cruz Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico.

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