Anacroneuria marlieri Froehlich, 2001

Menezes, Emely Trajano De, Boldrini, Rafael & Novaes, Marcos Carneiro, 2020, New species of the genus Macrogynoplax and new records of Anacroneuria (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Roraima State, Brazil, Zootaxa 4722 (5), pp. 463-471: 468

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Anacroneuria marlieri Froehlich, 2001


Anacroneuria marlieri Froehlich, 2001  

Froehlich 2001: 191; Froehlich 2003: 130; Ribeiro & Rafael 2009: 7–8; Ribeiro & Gorayeb 2014: 18; Ribeiro & Gorayeb 2016: 434; Rippel et al. 2019: 360.

Material examined. BRA, RR, Amajari, Serra do Tepequém, Igarapé Cocal, 03°45’12.00”N / 61°42’42.00”W, 14.xii.2015, light trap, 1 female, R. Boldrini ( UFRR); 14–29.xii.2015, Malaise trap, 1 female, R   . Boldrini. ( UFRR); 01–15.i.2016, Malaise trap, 5 male and 1 female, R   . Boldrini. ( UFRR); 02–16.i.2017, Malaise trap, 1 female, R   . Boldrini ( UFRR); 01–15.ii.2017, Malaise trap, 1 male and 1 female, R   . Boldrini ( UFRR); 03–13.x.2017, Malaise trap, 11 males and 4 females, ( R   . Boldrini. ( UFRR); 13–23.x.2017, Malaise trap, 9 males and 3 females, R   . Boldrini ( UFRR); 03–13.xi.2017, Malaise trap, 12 males and 5 females, R   . Boldrini ( UFRR); 13–23.xi.2017, Malaise trap, 11 males and 4 females, R   . Boldrini ( UFRR); 23.xi–03.xii.2017, Malaise trap, 2 males and 1 female, R   . Boldrini ( UFRR). BRA, RR, Pacaraima, Igarapé Miang, 04°29’09.45’’N / 61°08’03.13’’W, 04.xi.2016, light trap, 7 females, R GoogleMaps   . Boldrini. ( UFRR). BRA, RR, Pacaraima, Igarapé Samã, 04°28’30.08’’N 61°09’44.04’’W, 10.x.2015, light trap, 1 male, R GoogleMaps   . Boldrini ( UFRR).

Measurements data. Female forewing length: 9.0– 13.2 mm, n= 27; male forewing length: 8.1–11.0 mm, n= 43. Measurements data. A. marlieri   variant. Male forewing length: 8.0 mm, n= 1.

Remarks. Among the above material studied, a variant morphotype of A. marlieri   was collected from Igarapé Samã. The single male is similar in size to males described by Rippel et al. (2019) but smaller than specimens reported by Ribeiro & Rafael (2009). There were also differences in the penis armature (0.07 mm length and 0.03–0.04 mm width) hammer shape which is conical and acute, and the hooks are curved down with acute apices. Additionally, there is a pointed triple dorsal keel and small membranous vesicles in ventral view. Anacroneuria marlieri   was previously recorded from Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia and Tocantins states of Brazil and our material is the first record for Roraima State.


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile