Steneotarsonemus spinki Smiley, 1967

Ganguly, Moumi, Mondal, Priyankar & Karmakar, Krishna, 2022, Complementary description of three species of Steneotarsonemus (Acari: Tarsonemidae) from rice agroecosystems of Eastern India with notes on their taxonomic status, spatial distribution, intraspecific variation and species composition, Zootaxa 5138 (5), pp. 501-532 : 503

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Steneotarsonemus spinki Smiley, 1967


Steneotarsonemus spinki Smiley, 1967  

Diagnosis: Adult female: stigmatal opening anteriad seta v1; atrium elongated, banana shaped; Dorsal seta v1, c1, d, e, f, h sparsely barbed; distance between bases of setae sc2 more than thrice distance between bases setae v1; sejugal apodeme weakly developed, often indistinct; poststernal apodeme absent or indistinct; coxisternal setae 3b onefourth length of 3a; seta l' of femur I thickened basally and pointed apically; d small, peg-like; seta v'Ti on leg IV about one-third length of seta tc'', former serrated. Adult male: seta sc1 nearly as long as seta sc2; seta c2 reaching base of c1; seta c1 nearly as long as d; prosternal apodeme bipartite, weakly meet with sejugal apodeme; poststernal apodeme posteriorly bifurcated into apodemes 5; seta pl'' of tarsus II, l' of tibia III, pv'' of tarsus III thick, stout and blunt apically; flange on femorogenu IV nearly round, often with crinkles along the outer margin. Leg IV exhibits intraspecific variations described later.