Adelius quiteriae Souza-Gessner, Cerântola & Penteado-Dias, 2019

Shimbori, Eduardo M., Bortoni, Marco A., Shaw, Scott R., Souza-Gessner, Carolina Da S., Cerântola, Paula De C. M. & Penteado-Dias, Angélica M., 2019, Revision of the New World genera Adelius Haliday and Paradelius de Saeger (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Cheloninae: Adeliini), Zootaxa 4571 (2), pp. 151-200 : 187-188

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Adelius quiteriae Souza-Gessner, Cerântola & Penteado-Dias

sp. n.

Adelius quiteriae Souza-Gessner, Cerântola & Penteado-Dias sp. n.

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Type material. Holotype GoogleMaps ♀ ( DCBU 51749 View Materials ) “Itatiaia, RJ, Brasil, 1442m, S 22°25'42,6" W 44°37'42,2", Armadilha Malaise, 21.XI.2013, R.F. Monteiro col.”.

Description of holotype, ♀. Body length: 1.6 mm. Fore wing length: 1.5 mm.

Color. Brown. Head with gena lighter brown. Antenna dark brown with 5 basal segments yellow. Metasomal terga 2+3 white. Wings hyaline with two fuscous bands clearly defined with stigma and veins dark in this region, the remainder pale. Legs yellow except hind femur, tibia, and tarsi yellowish brown.

Head. Length of head in dorsal view 0.59× longer than wide. Antennae 0.8× the body length; scape 2.75 longer than wide; flagellomeres 1–6 longer than wide, 7–16 about as wide as long. Eye height 2.3× the malar space length. Entirely rugose except frons weakly striate. Face with a tiny drop-shape carina just below the antennal socket. Malar suture present.

Mesosoma. Mesonotum punctate. Notauli absent. Pronotum smooth, notched. Propleuron smooth. Scutellar sulcus with 7 divisions. Scutellum punctate with sparse setae. Mesopleuron smooth medially with sparse setae on anterior portion. Sternaulus crenulate. Metanotum rugose. Metapleuron with anterior portion strongly striate, posteriorly smooth. Propodeum smooth, with distinct and complete areola; transverse carina interrupted at areola.

Wings. Fore wing vein r absent, veins 2RS and 3RSa directly connected with stigma; vein R1 0.8 x longer than stigma.

Legs. Legs punctate except coxae smooth.

Metasoma. Entirely smooth.

Male. Unknown.

Diagnosis. Adelius quiteriae sp. n. resembles Adelius panamensis sp. n. in having fore wings banded and fore wing vein r absent, the metapleuron and most of the gena smooth, and by having a complete propodeal areola. It is readily distinguished by the lighter legs (mostly yellow) and metasoma (brown with terga 2+3 white), which are completely dark brown in A. panamensis .

Biology. Unknown.

Distribution. Only known for type locality, at Itatiaia National Park.

Etymology. The species is named in honor to Maria Quitéria de Jesus, first ♀ military to fight at war in Brazilian history.