Compsobuthus eritreaensis Kovařík, Lowe

Kovařík, František, 2018, Scorpions of the Horn of Africa (Arachnida, Scorpiones). Part XVI. Compsobuthus maidensis sp. n. (Buthidae) from Somaliland, Euscorpius 260, pp. 1-11 : 2

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Compsobuthus eritreaensis Kovařík, Lowe


Compsobuthus eritreaensis Kovařík, Lowe ,

Plíšková et Šťáhlavský, 2016 ( Fig. 39)

? Compsobuthus abyssinicus: Kovařík & Whitman, 2005: 107 (in part).

Compsobuthus eritreaensis Kovařík et al., 2016: 3–11 View Cited Treatment , figs. 5–14, 27–60, 77.

TYPE LOCALITY AND TYPE REPOSITORY. Eritrea, near Massawa , 15°36'58.7"N 39°22'32.8"E, 74 m a.s.l., 4.- 5.XI.2015, (Locality 15 EI) GoogleMaps , FKCP.

TYPE MATERIAL EXAMINED. Eritrea, near Massawa , 15°36'58.7"N 39°22'32.8"E, 74 m a.s.l., 4.-5.XI.2015, (Locality 15 EI, Fig. 56) GoogleMaps , 7♂ 12♀ (holotype and paratypes), leg. F. Kovařík; Dese Island , 15°26'39.2"N 39°45'32.7"E, 8 m a.s.l., 5.-7.XI.2015, (Locality 15 EJ) GoogleMaps , 2♂ 8♀ 1juv. (paratypes), leg. F. Kovařík; near Massawa , 15°36'55"N 39°24'22"E, 30 m a.s.l., 8.XI.2015, (Locality 15 EK) GoogleMaps , 1♀ (paratype), leg. F. Kovařík; route Massawa to Gahtiela, 15°36'03.7"N 39°16'38.4"E, 115 m a.s.l., 8.XI.2015, (Locality 15 EL) GoogleMaps , 1♀ 1im., leg. F. Kovařík. All types are in the FKCP.

DIAGNOSIS. Total length 26 (male) – 41 mm (female). Sexual dimorphism minor, adult males with chela of pedipalps broader and fingers of pedipalps slightly flexed proximally; there is no difference in length and width of metasomal segments. Base color uniformly yellow to yellowish brown with dark spot on fifth metasomal segment. Movable finger of pedipalp bears 10–11 rows of granules, all without external and with internal accessory granules ( acutecarinatus group of Levy & Amitati, 1980). Pedipalp chela length/width ratio 4.5 in males and 5.4 in females. Manus of chela shorter than fixed finger. Pedipalp chela length/movable finger length ratio 1.32–1.38 in both sexes. Trochanter of pedipalps with ten to twelve spinules and two setae. Anterior margin of carapace bears 8 symmetrically distributed spinules. First to third metasomal segments bear 10 carinae, fourth bears 8 or 10 carinae. All metasomal segments longer than wide. Pectinal teeth number 22–26 in males and 18–23 in females. Sternites and ventral surface of metasoma granulated, more so in males. Seventh sternite bears four crenulate carinae. Telson bulbous, aculeus shorter than vesicle. Subaculear tubercle present but not spinoid. Ratio of length vesicle/aculeus is 1.1–1.2.


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Compsobuthus eritreaensis Kovařík, Lowe

Kovařík, František 2018

Compsobuthus eritreaensis Kovařík et al., 2016: 3–11

KOVARIK 2016: 11