Drosophila tsacasi, Bock & Wheeler, 1972

Yassin, Amir, Suwalski, Arnaud & Raveloson Ravaomanarivo, Lala H., 2019, Resolving the synonymy and polyphyly of the ‘ Drosophila bakoue species complex’ (Diptera: Drosophilidae: ‘ D. montium species group’) with descriptions of two new species from Madagascar, European Journal of Taxonomy 532, pp. 1-26: 17

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Drosophila tsacasi


D. tsacasi   species complex’ new complex

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Male abdominal tergites T2–T5 yellowish with usually distinct black stripes, T6 usually black; cercal ventral lobe (secondary clasper) fused to cerci with four or five very large curved black medial teeth arising from long dark chitinous roots on the internal margin; surstylus lobate with a lateral row of long, irregularly spaced prensisetae on the outer margin and a cluster of prensisetae on the inner margins (no medial prensisetae), the innermost one significantly long ( Fig. 3B View Fig ). Female abdominal tergites lighter than male’s or concolorously light.


This complex contains two described species, D. tsacasi   and D. seguyiana   , and two putatively new species, D. aff. tsacasi   (see above under D. curta   ) and D. aff. bakoue   (see above under D. bakoue   ). The molecular, morphological and reproductive isolation between these species requires further investigation.

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D. tsacasi Bock & Wheeler, 1972   .

D. seguyiana Chassagnard & Tsacas, 1997   .