Ingrassiella Dubinin, 1949, Dubinin, 1949

Constantinescu, Ioana Cristina, Chișamera, Gabriel, Pocora, Viorel, Stanciu, Cătălin & Adam, Costică, 2013, Two new species of feather mites (Acarina: Analgoidea) from the Moustached Warbler, Acrocephalus melanopogon (Passeriformes, Acrocephalidae), in Romania, Zootaxa 3709 (3), pp. 267-276: 268

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Ingrassiella Dubinin, 1949


Genus Ingrassiella Dubinin, 1949  

The most morphologically distinctive character of the genus Ingrassiella   , differing it from other genera of the subfamily Xolalginae   , is the presence of long and narrow extensions arising backward from the posterolateral angles of the prodorsal shield. To date, this genus includes six species from the following hosts: Ingrassiella listrophoroides Dubinin, 1949   from Dendrocygna autumnalis   (L.) and D. viduata   (L.) ( Anseriformes   : Anatidae   ); I. acromiacantha Gaud, 1962   from Gerygone flavolateralis citrina Mayr   ( Passeriformes   : Acanthizidae   ); I. crassipoda Gaud, 1970   from Myiagra caledonica Bonaparte   ( Passeriformes   : Monarchidae   ); I. discigera Gaud, 1973   from T. iliacus   L., Turdus pilaris   L., T. viscivorus   L., and Zoothera gurneyi (Hartlaub)   ( Passeriformes   : Turdidae   ); I. calcarata Černý, 1975   from Turdus nudigenis Lafresnaye   ( Passeriformes   : Turdidae   ); and I. spinosa ( Trouessart and Neumann, 1888)   from Malurus cyanocephalus Quoy and Gaimard   ( Passeriformes   : Maluridae   ).

Mc Clure & Ratanaworabhan (1973) reported 12 possible new species of the Ingrassiella   on the birds from the families Turdidae   , Muscicapidae   and Timaliidae   in Asia. Unfortunately these species have never been described.