Ophiomusium kimblae Baker , 1979

Baker, Alan N., 2016, An illustrated catalogue of type specimens of the bathyal brittlestar genera Ophiomusium Lyman and Ophiosphalma H. L. Clark (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea), Zootaxa 4097 (1), pp. 1-40 : 12

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Ophiomusium kimblae Baker , 1979


Ophiomusium kimblae Baker, 1979 .

Figures 15 a, b

Holotyp e AM J 10678, off Double Id Point, Queensland, 210– 219 m.

Main Features: Finely rugose arm and disc plates. Radial shields hexagonal, contiguous for one third of their length, separated distally by a triangular tumid plate. Dorsal arm plates obvious for first 8 or 9 segments; thereafter, very small. Lateral arm plates long, meeting above and below, with 2 small spines situated low down. One ventral arm plate, no exposed tentacle pores. Ventral interradii occupied only by a large marginal plate, and oral shields.

Three oral papillae, proximal one pointed.

The holotype at 4.6 mm d.d. is the largest specimen of this species thus far discovered. Larger specimens may well show variation in the above features and closer relationships with other species, such as O. anisacanthum H. L. Clark.