Euterpia, Navia & Flechtmann, 2005

Navia, Denise, Duarte, Mercia Elias & Flechtmann, Carlos H. W., 2021, Eriophyoid mites (Acari: Prostigmata) from Brazil: an annotated checklist, Zootaxa 4997 (1), pp. 1-152: 56

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Euterpia   .

Type host. Euterpe precatoria Mart.   ( Arecaceae   ).

Type locality. Manaus (3º04’S, 59º55’W), Amazonas , Brazil GoogleMaps   .

Relationship to host plant. Vagrants on lower surface of leaves, along midribs, causing no apparent symptoms ( Navia & Flechtmann 2005b).

Remarks. Type species in the genus Navia. Only known from the type host/locality.

Type host plant status. Native palm tree, not endemic, occurring in Amazônia biome in the North Region ( Vianna 2020f). A palm tree of high economic and social importance. Very popular for the production of a drink, obtained from the pulp of the fruit, known as açaí wine. The heart is also used for the construction of houses and the roots are medicinal ( Lorenzi et al. 1996).