Micratopus Casey, 1914

Martinez, Claudia, 2003, New Records of ground beetles for Colombia (Coleoptera: Carabidae), Zootaxa 250 (1), pp. 1-27: 24

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http://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.250.1.1

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Micratopus Casey, 1914


Micratopus Casey, 1914  

Comments. Neartic and Neotropical genus, with five species in America known from United States, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Brazil.

Micratopus sp.  

Material examined. COLOMBIA. Amazonas: PNN Amacayacu, [3°50’S] [70°30’W], [100 m], Malaise, ii.1989, M. Kelsey, leg., IAvH 2281 (1 ex.) GoogleMaps   ; idem, Matamata , 3°41’S 70°15’W, 150 m, Malaise, 23­30.x.2000, A. Parente, leg., M.850, IAvH 03772 (1 ex.) GoogleMaps   ; idem, San Martín , 3°46’S 70°18’W, 150 m, Malaise, 5­16.v.2000, B. Amado, leg., M.693, IAvH 10954 (1 ex.) GoogleMaps   . Bolívar : Zambrano , Hda. Monterrey Forestal , Lote India Sierra, Exterior cultivo Gmelina arborea   , BsT [9°45’N] [74°50’W], [20 m], T. luz, iii.1999, H. Moreno & M. Avila, leg., 961479 (3 ex.: IAvH 2225, CONIF) GoogleMaps   .