Pronomaea khnzoriani SEMENOV

Assing, Volker, 2007, A revision of the species of Pronomaea E of the Western Palaearctic region, including Middle Asia (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae: Pronomaeini), Beiträge Zur Entomologie = Contributions to Entomology 57 (2), pp. 367-396: 389-390

publication ID 10.21248/contrib.entomol.57.2.367-396

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Pronomaea khnzoriani SEMENOV


Pronomaea khnzoriani SEMENOV   ,, 2003 ( Figs 48-50 View Figs 44-51 , Map 4 View Map 4 )

Pronomaea khnzoriani SEMENOV, 2003: 201   .


The original description of this recently described species is based on five type specimens from Armenia. The type material was not studied, but the detailed figures of the aedeagus in SEMENOV (2003) leave no doubt that the present interpretation is correct   .

Additional material examined: Turkey: 2 exs., Amasya, 1888, leg. Korb ( NHMW, cAss)   .

Georgia: 1 ex., Gori env., Uplichziche , 26.VI.1989, leg. Pütz (cWun)   ; 10 exs., Tbilisi env., Tbilisskoye ozero [" Tbiliskoje osero "; 41°44 'N, 44°50 'E], 19.VII.1985, leg. Wrase ( DEI, cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 3 exs., W-Caucasus,

" Landschaft Letschgum ", leg. Leder ( NHMW, cAss); 1 ex., " Swanetien ", leg. Leder ( NHMW)   .

Dagestan: 1 ex., locality not specified, leg. Leder & Reitter ( NHMW)   .

Turkmenistan: 3 exs., Kopet Dag , stream 6 km NE Tschuli near Firyuza, 18.IX.1975, leg. Hieke (cVog, cAss)   ; 4 exs., W Ashkhabad, Sulyukly [" Transcaspia, Neu-Saratow ", 38°02N, 57°25E] ( NHMW) GoogleMaps   ; 2 exs., Loţfābād [" Ljutfabad "] ( NHMW)   .

Iran: 2 exs., Mazanderan, Sari , 36°34 'N, 53°09 'E, 22.VII.1973, leg. Senglet ( MHNG) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Tehran, Tarazan-Lowshan , 36°28 'N, 49°31 'E, 8.VIII.1974, leg. Senglet ( MHNG) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Tehran, Agha Baba , 36°19 'N, 49°49 'E, 6.VII.1974, leg. Senglet ( MHNG) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Kordestan, N Sanandajd , 35°28 'N, 47°01 'E, 22.VI.1975, leg. Senglet ( MHNG) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Khorasan, NE Esfayaren , 37°12 'N, 57°27 'E, 1200 m, 29.VII.1975, leg. Senglet ( MHNG) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Gilan, Galugah, Bandar Pahlevi , 37°31 'N, 49°19 'E, 4.VII.1973, leg. Senglet ( MHNG) GoogleMaps   .


Extremely similar to P. anatolica   ; distinguished only by the morphology of the aedeagus.

♂: aedeagus of similar morphology as that of P. anatolica   , but apical internal structure of different shape, in lateral view very thin ( Figs 48-50 View Figs 44-51 ).

♀: spermatheca shaped like that of P. anatolica   ; for an illustration see figure 13 in SEMENOV (2003).

Comparative notes:

From the highly similar P. anatolicaanatolica   - doubtlessly its sister species, as can be inferred from the similarly derived morphology of the male primary sexual characters -, this species is reliably separated only by the shape of the apical internal structure of the aedeagus. From all other congeners it is at once distinguished also by the conspicuous shape of the median lobe of the aedeagus, and from all the species, except P. anatolica   , P. flavirostris   , and P. procerula   , also by the shape of the spermatheca.

Distribution and bionomics:

Pronomaea khnzorianikhnzoriani   was previously known from Armenia, Georgia, and Iran ((ASSING in press). It is here recorded from Turkey, Dagestan, and Turkmenistan for the first time ( Map 4 View Map 4 ). In Iran, the species is rather common on the banks of rivers and streams; for numerous additional records see ASSING (in press). The altitudes specified on the labes range from 400 to 2710 m. The species has been collected in April ( SEMENOV 2003) and in large numbers during the period from June through August ((ASSING in press; material examined). Three specimens were taken in September. Some beetles collected in June are teneral.


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Pronomaea khnzoriani SEMENOV

Assing, Volker 2007

Pronomaea khnzoriani

SEMENOV, V. B. 2003: 201