Hypsibius cf. convergens (Urbanowicz)

Li, Xiaochen, 2007, Tardigrades from the Tsinling Mountains, central China with descriptions of two new species of Echiniscidae (Tardigrada), Journal of Natural History 41 (41 - 44), pp. 2719-2739: 2733

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http://doi.org/ 10.1080/00222930701711046

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Hypsibius cf. convergens (Urbanowicz)


Hypsibius cf. convergens (Urbanowicz)  

Material examined

Nine specimens were collected from Ningshan County, 13 specimens from Mount Taibai   .


My specimens fit the description of this species ( Ramazzotti and Maucci 1983; Dastych 1988; Kathman 1990). Eyes present. Buccal tube rather narrow. Pharynx contains apophyses and two macroplacoids, the first macroplacoid longer than the second one, microplacoid absent or present; when present, it is very small. Double claws of Hypsibius   type. Smooth egg deposited in the exuvium. This species is a new record for China. Its type locality is in Poland.