Diphascon (Diphascon) patanei Binda and Pilato

Li, Xiaochen, 2007, Tardigrades from the Tsinling Mountains, central China with descriptions of two new species of Echiniscidae (Tardigrada), Journal of Natural History 41 (41 - 44), pp. 2719-2739: 2735

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http://doi.org/ 10.1080/00222930701711046

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Diphascon (Diphascon) patanei Binda and Pilato


Diphascon (Diphascon) patanei Binda and Pilato  

Material examined

Fifteen specimens were collected from Mount Taibai.


Eyes present. Cuticle sculptured with eight transverse rows of hemispherical gibbosities (two per row); cuticle with characteristic polygonal sculpture. The gibbosities are dorsal in the first seven rows, dorsolateral in the last. The drop-like structure present between the buccal tube pharyngeal tube. Pharynx contains apophyses, two macroplacoids, and septula, without microplacoid. Double claws of Hypsibius   type. This species is a new record for China   . Its type locality is in Sicily, Italy   .