Villa cingulata (Meigen),

Yao, Gang, Yang, Ding & Evenhuis, Neal L., 2009, Four new species and a new record of Villa Lioy, 1864 from China (Diptera: Bombyliidae), Zootaxa 2055, pp. 49-60: 54-56

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Villa cingulata (Meigen)


Villa cingulata (Meigen) 

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Anthrax cingulata Meigen, 1804: 199  . Type locality: Not given [= France, Germany, or Italy].

Diagnosis. Tergites 2 and 4 with white recumbent scales anteriorly, tergites 6–7 with white recumbent scales posteriorly. Gonostylus slightly curved at middle in lateral view and with obtuse tip; epiphallus egg-shaped, with tip rounded in dorsal view.

Redescription. Male. Body length 11 mm, wing length 10 mm.

Head black with grey pollen; ocellar tubercle reddish brown. Hairs on head mostly black; frons with dense black erect hairs, face with dense white erect and black hairs; occiput with short black hairs and white scales close to eyes, a row of brown erect hairs on edge. Antenna black; scape short and thick, nearly as long as wide, with dense black hairs; pedicel nearly as long as wide, almost bare; first flagellomere cone-shaped, bare. Antennal ratio: 2: 1: 5. Proboscis dark brown with black hairs; palpus dark brown with black hairs.

Thorax black with black and yellow scales. Hairs on thorax mostly yellow, bristles yellow; postpronotal lobe with long yellow hairs, mesonotum with row of long yellow hairs at anterior margin and three long yellow lateral bristles near base of wing, postalar callus with five yellow bristles; thorax with black scales on back except edge near scutellum with yellow scales. Scutellum with sparse yellow hairs; scales on scutellum mostly black but posterior edge with yellow scales; scutellum with six bristles each side, apical scutellar bristles and subapical scutellar bristles black, and basal scutellar bristles yellow. Legs dark brown with black scales. Hairs on legs mostly black, bristles black. Femora with sparse long black hairs; tibiae and tarsi with short black hairs. Mid femur with three av apically; hind femur with four av apically. Mid tibia with 11 ad, eight pd, nine av and 10 pv; hind tibia with 12 ad, eight pd, 10 av and seven pv. Wing ( Fig. 3View FIGURES 1 – 5) mostly hyaline with metalline reflecting. Base of vein C with brush-like long black hairs and white scales, tegula with white scales. Wing with basicosta strong; vein r-m nearly 1 / 3 length of discal cell apically. Halteres pale.

Abdomen black. Hairs on abdomen black and white; dorsum with dense long white hairs and sparse black hairs; dorsum with dense black recumbent scales except tergites 2 and 4 with white recumbent scales anteriorly and tergites 6–7 with white recumbent scales posteriorly. Sternites with dense black recumbent hairs and erect white hairs.

Male genitalia ( Figs. 18–23View FIGURES 18 – 23). Epandrium subquadrate, with dense long black bristles apically, nearly as long as high, cercus well exposed in lateral view, epandrium a little wider than long, slightly narrowed from base to tip in dorsal view; gonocoxa distinctly narrowing apically in ventral view, with numerous black bristle-like hairs apically; gonostylus subquadrate, its obtuse tip distinctly curved at middle in lateral view; epiphallus egg-shaped, with a rounded tip in dorsal view, distiphallus rather narrow, long and slightly curved apically in lateral view.

Female. Body length 11 mm, wing length 9 mm. Similar to male, but base of wing little brown.

Specimens examined. 1 male, CHINA: Liaoning, Jinzhou Daheshan (N 121 ° 42 ’ E 39 °06’), 29. VII. 1950, Haifu Zhang; 1 male, CHINA: Jiling, Gongzhuling (N 124 ° 49 ’ E 43 ° 31 ’), 0 5. VIII. 1950, Haifu Zhang; 1 male, CHINA: Liaoning, Xiongyue (N 122 °08’ E 40 ° 11 ’), 15. VII. 1950, Kexun Huang.

Chinese Distribution. China (Jiling, Liaoning).














Villa cingulata (Meigen)

Yao, Gang, Yang, Ding & Evenhuis, Neal L. 2009

Anthrax cingulata

Meigen 1804: 199