Holothrips oceanicus Okajima, 1987

Mound, Laurence A. & Tree, Desley J., 2014, Fungus-feeding phlaeothripine Thysanoptera in the genus Holothrips from Australia and New Caledonia, with a structurally similar new genus, Holoengythrips, Zootaxa 3860 (2), pp. 125-148 : 133

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3860.2.2

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Holothrips oceanicus Okajima


Holothrips oceanicus Okajima View in CoL

( Figs 12 View FIGURES 10–16 , 29 View FIGURES 25–33 )

Holothrips oceanicus Okajima, 1987: 37 View in CoL .

Based originally on a single female taken in the eastern part of central New South Wales, this species has now been collected widely from Eucalyptus View in CoL in south eastern Australia as far north as Brisbane, with one female taken in New Caledonia. In the original description oceanicus View in CoL was distinguished from speciosissimus only in the key. This key separates the 72 Old World species into two subgroups, based on whether the mouth cone is rounded ( Fig. 29 View FIGURES 25–33 ) or long and pointed ( Fig. 30 View FIGURES 25–33 ). Recent examination of all the available specimens has found no consistent differences in structure between oceanicus View in CoL and speciosissimus , apart from the mouth cone. The possibility exists that the two names refer to an irregular North-South cline of a single species in the forests of eastern Australia. The larger males of oceanicus View in CoL have tergite IX setae S1 long and acute, whereas smaller males resemble females in having these setae shorter with weakly expanded apices. Sternites V and VI of males have specialised reticulate areas laterally, but as in speciosissimus , these reticulations are often weakly developed and difficult to see.

Material studied. Holotype female, New South Wales, 20km N of Taralga , dead leafy Eucalyptus , 2.iv.1968 ( LAM 601 ), in ANIC.

Further material. New South Wales : Gosford, 5 females from dead Eucalyptus nuts, 23.xi.1994 ; Narooma 10km west, 1 female, 3 males, 22.xii.2010 ; Wallaga Lake , 4 females, 2 males from dead Eucalyptus nuts, 27.xii.2010 ; Moruya , 2 females, 15.ix.2012 ; Tallaganda , Lowden Forest Park, 6 females, 5 males from dead Eucalyptus nuts, 27.ii.2011 , same site, 2 females 12.xi.2006, same site, 1 male, 6.viii.2006. Australian Capital Territory : Weston, Oakey Hill, 2 females, 1 male on Eucalyptus blakeleyi dead twigs, 21.iv.2011 ; Black Mt. , 1 female on dead Eucalyptus , 19.xi.2011 . Victoria , Mallacoota, 7 females, 2 males in dead Eucalyptus nuts, 1.iv.2011 . South Australia , Adelaide Hills, Scott Creek, 1 female in Eucalyptus dead nuts, 15.xii.2009 . Queensland : Brisbane. Mt Cootha, 4 females from dead Eucalyptus branches, 14.x.2006 ; Brisbane Forest Park, 7 females, 7 males on dead branches, various dates 2008–2013; Bribie Is., 1 male, 17.x.2007 ; Glasshouse Mts , 3 females, 2 males, 4.ix.2012 ; Stanthorpe , 1 female, 28.xii.2011 ; Mt Gammy , 1 female, 15.ix.2009 ; Giraween NP, 1 female from Eucalyptus dead nuts, 29.xii.2011 ; Cape Tribulation , 1 female from bark spray, 7.x.2012 . New Caledonia, Bourail , 1 female, 14.iv.2012 .


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Holothrips oceanicus Okajima

Mound, Laurence A. & Tree, Desley J. 2014

Holothrips oceanicus

Okajima, S. 1987: 37
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