Asitus, Erdos, 1955

Lotfalizadeh, Hossein, Karimpour, Younes, Delvare, Gérard & Rasplus, Jean-Yves, 2020, Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera) obtained from common reed, Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud. (Poaceae) in Iran with new records and descriptions of two new species, European Journal of Taxonomy 710, pp. 1-35: 4-7

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Asitus   sp.

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Material examined

IRAN • 1 ♂; West-Azarbaijan Province , Urmia, Hesar-e Türkmän; 37º26′ N, 45º13′ E; 1293 m a.s.l.; Apr. 2017; Y. Karimpour leg.; ex Phragmites australis   ; HMIM GoogleMaps   .


Asitus phragmitis ( Ferrière, 1955)   is a parasitoid of Pseudococcidae   on Phragmites australis   in the Caucasus, several European countries, USA and Pakistan ( Ferrière 1955; Guerrieri 1989; Noyes 2020). Our specimen is closely related to A. phragmitis   and shares several characters with that species: body

dorsoventrally flattened; head prognathous, head and mesosoma finely reticulate; antennae inserted just above clypeus and widely separated from each other; pronotum divided into two subtriangular parts; notauli absent; scutellum wider than long, about 1.9× as wide as long, anteriorly reaching the base of the tegula. However, it differs from A. phragmitis   in several characters ( Table 2 View Table 2 ) and in our opinion very probably represents a new species. Because we only sampled a single male, we will not describe this species and await further samples.

Table 2. Features distinguishing male Asitus sp. from A. phragmitis (Ferrière, 1955).

Characters Asitus   sp. A. phragmitis   (from Guerrieri 1989)
POL/ OOL About 1.3× ( Fig. 2B View Fig ) 1.5×
Funicle Filiform, all funicular segments longer than wide ( Fig. 2C View Fig ) Moniliform, at least F6 transverse
Clava Long, about 5 × as long as wide Short, about 2× as long as wide
Funicle + clava About 1.2× as long as head width Slightly shorter than head width, about 0.9 ×
Pedicel Shorter than F1+F2, about 0.8 × ( Fig. 2C View Fig ) As long as F1+F2
Metanotum and propodeum Reticulate ( Fig. 2B View Fig ) Smooth
Fore wing fringe Shorter on frontal margin than on dorsal margin, about 0.5× ( Fig. 2A View Fig ) Same length on frontal and dorsal margins
Marginal vein Long, 2× as long as wide Short, about as long as wide