Hesus mexicanus KORMILEV 1968

Heiss, E., 2009, Review of the Neotropical genus Hesus STÅL 1862 with description of a new species (Heteroptera, Aradidae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 41 (1), pp. 343-357 : 349

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.4507110

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Hesus mexicanus KORMILEV 1968


Hesus mexicanus KORMILEV 1968 ( Fig. 6, 17, 18 View Fig , 24, 29 View Fig ; photo 8))

This species is closely related to H. subarmatus , sharing the tuberculate lateral margins of anterior pronotal lobe. They can be separated by the characters given in the key. Single females cannot clearly be assigned due to variability in colouration and pronotal surface sculpturing. Colouration generally brown, the posterior half of deltg III-VI are ochraceous as is mostly the anterior half of tergite VII, two rings on tibiae (the apical one sometimes fading on fore leg), an elongate spot on membrane posterior to apex of corium. The base of antennal segment I and segments II-IV frequently are of lighter colour (photo 8). Venter medially ochraceous, lateral margins, sternites II and VII, pro-, meso-, and metasternum brown. Spiracles II-V ventral, VI sublateral but not visible from above, VII dorsolateral, VIII terminal. Terminal segments: fig. 17, 18.

Pygophore dorsally rather flat with a narrow, tongue-like medially split sclerite (fig. 29); parameres slender as fig. 24.

M e a s u r e m e n t s:Length33 8.2-8.4mm, ♀♀ 9.7-9.8mm; ratio length of antennae / width of head 2.5-2.8; ratio antennal segment I / segment II 1.54-1.58; head shorter, ratio length / width 1.35-1.41.

M a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: Mexico:13 Chiapas 20 IX 1907 L. Conrad lg .; this specimen was identified and donated by Kormilev as a compartive sample for his new species (CEHI); 131♀ Yucatan, Palenque X 1978 E. Heiss lg. ( CEHI) ; 33♀♀ San Luis Potosí, Limon 7 VII 1990 R. Leschen lg. ( CEHI) ; 1♀ Chis. Las Rosas 19 V 1969 H.J. Teskey lg. ( CEHI). Panama: Gatun Lake, Tres Rios Plantation 16 VIII 1991 T. Zschokke lg., ex coll. Kormilev ( CEHI) ; 1♀ Puerto Armueles 30 VII 1982 P. Rodriguez lg. ( CEHI) ; 1♀ Panama city, Parque Natural al Metropolitano 8°56N, 79°33W, 7 VI-11 VII 2002 Čiček & Hauk lg. ( CEHI). Honduras: 13 Peña Blanca , Lago Yoja 17 VIII 1978 J.A. Cemsak lg., ex coll. Kormilev ( CEHI) GoogleMaps ; 131♀ 12 km W Olanchito 21 VI 1949 E.C. Becker lg. ( CEHI) ; 1♀ Stann Creek, Dist. Mayflower Arch. site SW Dangriga 20 VII 2001, D.G. Hall & J.E. Eger lg. ( CEHI). Venezuela: 5♀♀ Suapure, El Caura IX and XI 1899 ( CCMP). Jamaica: 4333 ♀♀ Bath 4 II 1937 A. Atinoff & N. Shoumatoff lg. ( CCMP). Trinidad: 1♀ Biche 26 IV 1965 at light, D.H. Secing lg. ( CEHI). Tobago: 44♀♀ Hillsborough lake area 20 VI 1996 E. Heiss lg. ( CEHI) .

D i s t r i b u t i o n: This species ranges from México to Venezuela and the Caribbean. It is not yet recorded further south.


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