Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788)

Love, Milton S., Bizzarro, Joseph J., Cornthwaite, Maria, Frable, Benjamin W. & Maslenikov, Katherine P., 2021, Checklist of marine and estuarine fishes from the Alaska-Yukon Border, Beaufort Sea, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Zootaxa 5053 (1), pp. 1-285: 30

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Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788)


Mobula mobular (Bonnaterre, 1788)   .

Giant Devilray or Spinetail Devil Ray. Notarbartolo di Sciara et al. (2020) note that recent taxonomic changes among the Mobulidae   have made the name Giant Devilray obsolete and suggest that Spinetail Devil Ray is more accurate. To at least 5.2 m (17.1 ft) DW (Last et al. 2016). Circumglobal; western Pacific Ocean north to Korea and northern Japan (as Mobula japonica, Aonuma and Yoshino   in Nakabo 2002); central California to Peru ( Ebert 2003), including Gulf of California ( Galván-Magaña et al. 1996). Depth: surface to at 700 m (2,296 ft) (min.: Ebert 2003; max.: Weigmann 2016). The Mobula thurstoni   reported by MacGinitie (1947) from Laguna Beach, southern California is likely M. mobular (Notarbartolo di Sciara 1987)   . We follow Poortvliet et al. (2015) and Last et al. (2016) in synonymizing Mobula japanica (Müller & Henle, 1841)   with this species.