Coelinius lux Souza-Gessner & Penteado-Dias, 2019

Oliveira, Franciélle Dias De & Penteado-Dias, Angélica Maria, 2022, New species of Coelinius Nees (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Alysiinae) from Brazil, Zootaxa 5129 (2), pp. 199-210 : 206-208

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Coelinius lux Souza-Gessner & Penteado-Dias, 2019


Coelinius lux Souza-Gessner & Penteado-Dias, 2019

Figures 21–23 View FIGURES 9–23. 9–11 .

Material Examined. Holotype: female ( DCBU 445763 View Materials ), Brazil, São Paulo, São José do Barreiro, Serra da Bocaina , alt. 1600 m, XI.1968, Alvarenga col.

Variations and additional information to the original description. Female (holotype). Hind wing length: 1.8 mm.

Head. In dorsal view, distinctly transverse, 1.4× as wide as long ( Fig. 21 View FIGURES 9–23. 9–11 ), 1.0× as wide as eye, 1.4× as wide as mesosoma, 1.2× as wide as long (length of head in lateral view). Shortest distance from occiput to stemmaticum 0.8× stemmaticum height. Shortest distance between inner margins of lateral ocelli 0.8× maximum diameter of ocellus. In lateral view, head 1.0× as long as high; temple 1.1× as long as eye ( Fig. 22 View FIGURES 9–23. 9–11 ). Mandible 2.1× as long as apical width ( Fig. 23 View FIGURES 9–23. 9–11 ), apex 0.7× as wide as base. Face 1.15× as wide as high, 1.3× as wide as clypeus, 2.1× as high as clypeus. Clypeus 1.8× as wide as high. Paraclypeal fovea occupying 0.8× of the distance from lateral margin of clypeus to eye. Maxillary palp 1.5× as long as head; third segment 0.6× as long as fourth. First flagellomere 4.6× as long as wide. Second flagellomere 4.3× as long as wide. Third flagellomere 3.8× as long as wide. Tenth flagellomere 3.3× as long as wide.

Mesosoma. 2.7× as long as head (lateral view). Mesoscutum 0.8× as wide as long.

Legs. Hing femur 4.6× as long as wide. Hind tibia 12.4× as long as its maximum subapical width, 0.8× as long as hind tarsus. First segment of hind tarsus 2.0× as long as second segment.

Fore wing. 0.8× as long as body. Vein 1-SR+M 1.4× as long as 2-SR; 2-SR+M 0.4× as long as 2-SR. First subdiscal cell open (CU1b absent); cu-a postfurcal, 1.2× as long as 1-CU1; 2-CU1 1.0× as long as m-cu.

Hind wing. With three hamuli, 6.2× as long as wide. Vein 1-M 0.9× as long as M+CU, 3.4× as long as 1rm. Subbasal cell open (1-1A and cu-a present, but not tubular or pigmented in attachment); SR and 2-M spectral through.

Metasoma. 1.2× as long as head plus mesosoma length. First metasomal tergite 2.7× as long as apical width, apex 1.4× as wide as base.