Nicrophorus sayi Laporte, 1840, Laporte, 1840

Mullins, Patricia L., Riley, Edward G. & Oswald, John D., 2013, Identification, distribution, and adult phenology of the carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae) of Texas, Zootaxa 3666 (2), pp. 221-251: 237

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Nicrophorus sayi Laporte, 1840


Nicrophorus sayi Laporte, 1840  

Necrophorus sayi Laporte, 1840: 2   (see Sikes et al. (2002) for synonymy).

Diagnosis. Nicrophorus sayi   will key to couplet 12 in the key provided above, but it can be easily distinguished from both N. mexicanus   and N. pustulatus   by its strongly bowed hind tibiae, a character that would be unique among Texas Nicrophorus   species.

Range. Newfoundland south to Georgia, west to Alberta and Oklahoma (Anderson & Peck 1985, Peck & Kaulbars 1987).

Texas distribution. This species has not been recorded from Texas; however, it is possible that it may eventually be found in the extreme northeastern portion of state. The localities closest to Texas known to us are in Logan County, Arkansas (ca. 100 km from the Texas border) and Latimer County, Oklahoma (ca. 90 km from the Texas border).

Biological notes. Anderson and Peck (1985) report that this species is often the first to become active in the spring, is found in both open and forested areas, and is nocturnal.