Atopsyche (Atopsaura) Ross 1953,

Gomes, Victor De Andrade & Calor, Adolfo Ricardo, 2019, Atopsyche Banks (Trichoptera, Hydrobiosidae): New species, redescription, and new records, Zootaxa 4567 (3), pp. 567-579: 568

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Atopsyche (Atopsaura) Ross 1953


Atopsyche (Atopsaura) Ross 1953 

Atopsyche (Atopsaura) batesi  Group: Unpaired dorsal spine, bifurcate at the base, emerging from anterior region of phallic

apparatus ( Blahnik and Gottschalk, 1997). Atopsyche (Atopsaura) falina  Group: Apicoventral projection on first article of each inferior appendage ( Schmid, 1989). Atopsyche (Atopsaura) longipennis  Group: Apicomesal projection of first article of each inferior appendage, forming

“tweezers” with the second article ( Schmid, 1989).