Mimuloria dilatata sigmoidea, Hennen & Shelley, 2015

Hennen, Derek A. & Shelley, Rowland M., 2015, A contribution on the milliped tribe Nannariini (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae): Revalidation of Mimuloria Chamberlin 1928; identities of Fontaria oblonga C. L. Koch 1847, and Nannaria minor Chamberlin 1918; elucidation of the tribal range; and commentaries on Nannaria Chamberlin 1918, and Oenomaea Hoffman 1964, Insecta Mundi 2015 (418), pp. 1-21 : 15

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Mimuloria dilatata sigmoidea

new subspecies

Mimuloria dilatata sigmoidea , new subspecies

Fig. 20–21 View Figures 18–23 .

Type specimen. Male holotype ( NCSM) collected by R. M. Shelley and W. B. Jones, 14 October 1978, ca. 7.2 km (11.5 mi) S Decatur, along county road 4274, 0.8 km (0.5 mi) from junction of Tennessee highway 58, Meigs Co., Tennessee.

Diagnosis. Acropodital lobe broad, well defined, and distinct; prefemoral process with basal shoulder/ flange on dorsal surface, configuration broadly sigmoidal, curving strongly inward into acropodital arc and then outward, terminating near level of latter’s tip ( Fig. 20–21 View Figures 18–23 ).

Etymology. The subspecific name denotes the overall sigmoidal curvature of the prefemoral process, which also passes through numerous vertical planes.

Distribution. Known only from the type locality, in the Tennessee River Valley on the east side of the river itself.


North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences