Feschaeria amycus amycus (Cramer 1779),

González, Jorge M. & Cock, Matthew J. W., 2004, A synopsis of the Castniidae (Lepidoptera) of Trinidad and Tobago, Zootaxa 762, pp. 1-19: 6

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.158237

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Feschaeria amycus amycus (Cramer 1779)


Feschaeria amycus amycus (Cramer 1779)  (Fig. 5)

Schaefferia amycus (Cramer)  : Lathy (1923). Castnia amycus (Cramer)  : Lathy (1925).

Although Miller (1986) states that the monotypic genus Feschaeria  is restricted to southeastern Brazil, it also has been reported in northern South America. Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago ( González 1999; González & Fernández Yépez 1993; Lathy 1925) are the northernmost records for this subspecies. Myers (1931) reports that Darlington reared a castniid from an unidentified bromeliad in the “ Trinidad mountains” (most probably the Northern Range), which F.W. Urich identified as “ Castnia  sp. near amicus ”. We have not located any material relating to this record, but it seems quite possible that this is a record of F. amycus amycus  . The only specimen from Trinidad that we have seen was collected by F.C. Urich (the nephew of F.W. Urich) and is now in MJWC. There is a single specimen labeled Tobago in the BMNH, which is the same specimen that Lathy (1923) refers to from the collection of Madame Aimée Horrack de Fournier. This is the only specimen of a castniid that we know from that island.

Material examined: ST. ANDREWS: 1 Ψ, Sangre Grande, Sans Souci Estate, Mar 1982, F.C. Urich ( MJWC); TOBAGO: 1 Ψ, ( BMNH).