Metaproto Mayer, 1903

Takeuchi, Ichiro & Lowry, James K., 2015, A taxonomic study on the Phtisicidae (Crustacea: Amphipoda) of New South Wales, Australia, Journal of Natural History 50, pp. 603-648 : 623-624

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2015.1079338

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Metaproto Mayer, 1903


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Head fused with pereonite 1. Antenna 1 well developed; flagellum with more than two articles; accessory flagellum absent. Antenna 2 well developed; flagellum with more than three articles. Mandible well developed; molar absent; palp 3-articulate; palp setal formula 1 – x – y – 1. Maxilliped well developed; inner plate (basal endite) subequal to outer plate (ischial endite); outer plate (ischial endite) well developed; palp article 3 not expanded; palp article 4 well developed. Pereonite 4 clavate appendage absent. Pereonites 6 and 7 not fused. Pereopod 3 well developed, with seven articles. Pereopod 4 well developed, with seven articles. Pereopod 5 present, with five articles. Pereopods 6 and 7 well developed, with seven articles. Gills on pereonites 2 to 4. Pleopods absent. Uropods 1 pairs; uropod 1, uniramous. Telson (dorsal lobe) present.

Included species

Metaproto includes one species: Metaproto novaehollandiae ( Haswell, 1879a) .


The genus Metaproto was established specifically for M. novaehollandiae ( Haswell, 1879a) by Mayer (1903). The generic diagnosis of the present genus is provided based on the present description of M. novaehollandiae ( Haswell, 1879a) .

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