Trechnites merops Noyes & Hanson, 1996

Noyes, John Stuart, 2023, ENCYRTIDAE OF COSTA RICA (HYMENOPTERA: CHALCIDOIDEA), 4 Subfamily Encyrtinae: tribes Arrhenophagini, Habrolepidini, Cerapterocerini, Cheiloneurini, Trechnitini, Cercobelini, Polaszekiini, Protyndarichoidini, Gahaniellini and Syrphophagini (part), mainly primary parasitoids and hyperparasitoids of Coccoidea and Psylloidea (Hemiptera), Taxonomic Monographs on Neotropical Hymenoptera (Oxford, England) 2 (11), pp. 1-921 : 569-570

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Trechnites merops Noyes & Hanson


Trechnites merops Noyes & Hanson View in CoL

(Figs 3,1468-1475; Hab. E 215, G 216)

Trechnites merops Noyes & Hanson, 1996:112-113 View in CoL . Holotype E, Costa Rica, NHMUK, examined.

DIAGNOSIS. Female (length about 0.9-1.3mm): head metallic green with some copper; mesoscutum shining metallic green, posteriorly coppery; scutellum relatively dull dark blue and purple; hind tarsus brown, contrasting with yellow fore and mid tarsi; hind tibia and tarsus dark brown; fore wing hyaline ( Fig. 171); flagellum (Fig. 1468) with fairly dense, moderately short setae, generally about 20-24 setae between pairs of longitudinal sensilla on clava with majority of setae at most about half length of linear sensilla; mandible (Fig. 1470) with two short, obtuse teeth and a broad truncation; palp formula 3-3; notaular lines relatively conspicuous and meeting medially at posterior margin of mesoscutum; mesoscutum with imbricate reticulate sculpture; scutellum with deeper, fine, polygonally reticulate sculpture of cell size from half to one-quarter that on mesoscutum; fore wing (Fig,. 1471) with linea calva open; apex of venation Fig. 1472; apex of syntergum with a pair of apical lateral membranous invaginations; hypopygium (Fig. 1475) with median apical extension reaching past apex of syntergum and completely enclosing ovipositor (Fig. 1474). Male (length about 0.8-1.2mm): pedicel (Fig. 1469) not swollen; aedeagus (Fig. 1473) about 9X as long as broad and about 0.65X as long as mid tibia, its apex broad and obtuse; digitus with two apical teeth.


HOSTS. Reared from Trioza sp. ( Hemiptera : Triozidae ) on Clethra sp. ( Ericales : Clethraceae ) ( Noyes & Hanson, 1996).


Type material. Holotype E: COSTA RICA, Heredia, San Rafael, Uvita , 1700m, ex psyllid on Clethra . iii.1992 (P. Hanson) . Paratypes: COSTA RICA, 1E, Guanacaste, Guanacaste NP, 9km S. Santa Cecilia, Est .

Pitilla , 700m, vi.1989 (I.D. Gauld); 1G, Puntarenas, Monteverde, 15.xii.1985 - 5.i.1986 (A. Forsyth); 1G, Puntarenas, Monteverde, Finca Canada, 1500-1600m, 23-27.ii.1991 (B.J. Sinclair). Holotype and paratypes in NHMUK .

Non type material. COSTA RICA, 1E, Guanacaste, Est. Cacao (ACG) , 10°55’N, 85°30’W, 22.ii.2003 (J.S. Noyes); 3E, 3G, Guanacaste, Macizo Miravalles, Est. Cabro Muco, 1100m, LN 299769 411243, 18-24. iii.2003 and iii.2003 (J. Azofeifa);1E, Guanacaste, Macizo Miravalles, Est. Cabro Muco , 1100m, LN 299769 411243, #73586, 16.iii-3.iv.2003 (J. Azofeifa, et al.); 1E, Guanacaste, Valle Miravalles, Est. Cabro Muco , 1100m, LN 299769 411243, #74102, 4.vii.2003 (J.D. Gutierrez, et al.); 2G, Alajuela, PN Volcán Arenal, Sendero Pilón , LN 458050 269200, 650m, 8.iii-20.iv.2000 and 8.xi-7.xii.2000 (G. Carballo); 3G, Alajuela, RF Arenal, Sect. la Peninsula, LN 271500 453800, 600m, 1-14.iii.2000 and 18-23.i.2001 (G. Carballo); 1E, Heredia, 6km ENE Vara Blanca , 10°11’N 84°07’W GoogleMaps , 2000m, 20/M/TN, iv.2002 (INBio-OET-ALAS); 2E, 1G, San José, Zurqui de Moravia , 1600m, iv.1995 and i.1996 (P. Hanson); 1E, San José, 26km N. San Isidro, 9°34’N 83°44’W GoogleMaps , 2100m, ii-v.1992 (P. Hanson); 10E, 12G, Cartago, PN Tapanti, 9°45’N 83°47’W GoogleMaps , 1200-1500m, 20.iii-10.iv.2000 (C. Hansson, D. Rubi ); 1E, Cartago, PN Tapanti, sendero Arboles Caidos , LN 561400 192500, 1500m, #61070, viii-ix.2000 ( D. Rubí ); 3E, Cartago, PN Tapanti-Macizo de la Muerte, Torre ICE #31, LN 561800 188500, 1800m, 9.vii-10.viii.2000 and viii-ix.2000 ( D. Rubí ); 1G, Cartago, PN Tapanti-Macizo de la Muerte, Send. a Rio Humo , LN 188100 560500, 1400-1500m, #56624, xii.1999 - i.2000 (M. Alfaro); 1E, Puntarenas, Monteverde , 1400m, 26-28.iii.1991 (P. Hanson); 1E, Puntarenas, Buenos Aires, Est. Altamira, Send. a Casa Coca, LS 332800 575250 , 1800m, #62337, iv-v.2005 ( D. Rubí ); 1E, 1G, Puntarenas, Est. Altamira , Cerro Frantzius, LS 334150 574450 , 2134m, #62095, 14.ii-16.iii.2001 and 12.i- 12.ii.2002 ( D. Rubí ); 1E, Limón, P.I. L.A., Valle del Silencio , send. circular , 2450m, LS 340258 577465, #75393, 20.ix-5.x.2003 (R. Gonzalez, et al.). Material in MZUCR, NHMUK, TAMU, USNM and CNC .


Natural History Museum, London


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes














Trechnites merops Noyes & Hanson

Noyes, John Stuart 2023

Trechnites merops

Noyes, J. S. & Hanson, P. 1996: 113
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