Oztira aquilonaria (Davies)

Milledge, G. A., 2011, A Revision of Storenosoma Hogg and Description of a New Genus, Oztira (Araneae: Amaurobiidae), Records of the Australian Museum 63 (1), pp. 1-32 : 7-11

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https://doi.org/ 10.3853/j.0067-1975.63.2011.1579

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Oztira aquilonaria (Davies)


Oztira aquilonaria (Davies)

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Otira aquilonaria Davies, 1986: 238–40 , figs 9–12, 31.

Type material examined. HOLOTYPE ♀, Cable Tower 3, Bellenden Ker Range, [17°12'S 145°51'E], Queensland, 17–24 Oct 1981, Earthwatch / GoogleMaps

Queensland Museum Expedition , litter, 1054 m, (S 1368) ( QM) . PARATYPES: 2♀, same data as holotype (S 1369) GoogleMaps . 1♂, 1♀, same data except, 25–31 Oct 1981, pitfall traps (S 1371) (all QM) GoogleMaps .

Diagnosis. Can be separated from Oz. affinis by the tarsal rod being elongate with keyhole shaped opening ( Fig. 6b View Fig ), by the male palpal trochanter having a single stridulatory spine and by the female epigynum having blunt lateral teeth ( Fig. 10c View Fig ); from Oz. kroombit by the male cymbium lacking apophyses and the gonopore openings on the female epigynum being fused ( Fig. 10c–d View Fig ); from Oz. summa by the form of the MA and the RTA, which has a prominent pointed dorsal apophysis, of the male palp ( Fig. 10a–b View Fig ) and by the posterior margin of the fused sclerotized gonopore openings of the female epigynum being entire ( Figs 10c–d View Fig ).

Description. Male. Measurements: BL 3.06, CL 1.70, CW 1.16, PLE 0.21, PME 0.13 (QM, S 1371). Female. Measurements: BL 3.84, CL 1.76, CW 1.08, PLE 0.21, PME 0.15 (QM, S 1368). For morphological description see species diagnosis and generic description.

Distribution. Known only from a single locality on Mt Bellenden Ker, north East Queensland ( Fig. 26 View Fig ).

Remarks. The right palp of the only known male is illustrated here although the tip of the embolus appears to be broken off. The left palp of this specimen is illustrated in an SEM image by Davies (1986, fig. 31). The view of the RTA illustrated by Davies (1986, fig. 11) is dorsal rather than retrolateral as stated. This species has a very restricted distribution and appears to be sympatric with Oz. summa . These two species are quite similar morphologically and probably closely related.

Milledge: Revision of Storenosoma spiders 11

ventral ( S30779 View Materials ); (d) internal (KS28216). Scale lines 0.25 mm.


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Oztira aquilonaria (Davies)

Milledge, G. A. 2011

Otira aquilonaria

Davies 1986: 238 - 40