Eosentomon dounanense Imadaté

Nakamura, Osami, 2010, Taxonomic revision of the family Eosentomidae (Hexapoda: Protura) from Japan 2701, Zootaxa 2701, pp. 1-109 : 34-35

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Eosentomon dounanense Imadaté


Eosentomon dounanense Imadaté  

Fig. 18

Eosentomon dounanense Imadaté, 1994: 309   , figs. 1–8. Specimens examined. Specimens deposited in NSMT: holotype male, NSMT– Ap 430, Kubura –daki, Yonaguni Island , Okinawa Prefecture, 31-I-1993, I. Sunagawa et al. leg.; 1 male, Dounan –daki (Imadaté’s Proturan Collection No. 9027-3), 1 female, Kubura –daki (Imadaté’s Proturan Collection No. 9028-1), Yonaguni Island , Okinawa Prefecture, 31-I-1993, Z. Miyara et al. leg. Two females, Kubura –dake, Yonaguni Island , Okinawa Prefecture, 150 m elevation, litter of a forest dominated by L. chinensis var. subglobosa   , 19-V-2000, H. Mizushima leg.  

Additions to description. On head, setae pa and m4 present, but seta aa absent, sensilla as and ps present, ( Fig. 18A). Labral setae present ( Fig. 18B). Seta rs inflated, shorter than sr ( Fig. 18B). Digits on galea similar to each other in shape and length ( Fig. 18C). Mandible with two apical and one subapical teeth ( Fig. 18D). Central lobe incised ( Fig. 18E). On abdominal tergite VIII ( Fig. 18F) P1a' without basal dilatation and slightly anterior to P2; P2a seta-like.

Distribution. Japan (Yonaguni Island).