Orthobula impressa Simon, 1897

Saaristo, Michael I., 2002, New species and interesting new records of spiders from Seychelles (Arachnida, Araneaea), Phelsuma 10, pp. 1-32 : 14-15

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.824148



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Orthobula impressa Simon, 1897


Orthobula impressa Simon, 1897 ( Figs. 33-38 View Figs. 33 - 38 )

Orthobula impressa Simon, 1897b: 498 (Dmf) .

-"-, Deeleman-Reinhold, 2001:431, f. 697-699 (m, not f).

Material examined: Aride, 1f, 13.01.1997, J. Gerlach leg., Michael Saaristo det. ( MZT AA 0.373 ) ; Silhouette, La Passe, 1f, 06.01.1999, M. Saaristo leg. ( MZT AA 0.437 ) , Chemin Montagne Posee , 1m, 09.01.1999, M. Saaristo leg. ( MZT AA 0.438 ) , Jardin Marron, Lodoicea litter, 1m, 20- 22.01.1999, M. Saaristo & J. Gerlach leg. ( MZT AA 0.439 ) , Anse Lascars, Takamaka leaves, 2mm, 18.01.1999, M. Saaristo & J. Gerlach leg. ( MZT AA 0.440 ) , and La Passe, “chicken house”, Pandanus & Coconut leaves, 2mm3ff 1juv., 11.01.1999, M. Saaristo & J. Gerlach leg. ( MZT AA 0.441 ) ; Mahé, 3juvs., June 1994, J. Gerlach leg. ( MZT AA 0.987 ) ; North , 1f, 30.07.2000, J. Gerlach leg., M. Saaristo det. ( MZT AA 1.351 ) .

Diagnosis: A rather small (TL=1.6-2.0), somewhat ant-like species, with dark orange, very punctate carapace; dorsum of abdomen green-black with dirty white pattern (in some specimens almost unicolorous), venter of abdomen whitish; legs contrastingly marked with five pairs of long, ventral spines on the first tibia. Tibia ofthe male palp with sharp-pointed, triangular apophysis. Bulbus large but simple with apical, spine-like anteriorly pointing embolus. Epigyne of the female with a pair of large, oval-shaped spermathecae close to epigastric furrow and anteriorly two pairs of small, spherical ones; two short laterally curving tubes from last pair of spermathecae.

Description: A more detailed description will be given in a later paper.

Distribution: Previously know only from Sri Lanka ( Deeleman-Reinhold 2001). This is the first record from Seychelles (Aride, Silhouette, Mahé and North).

Discussion: The structure of the female epigyne presented by Deeleman-Reinhold (2001) differs fundamentally from my specimens; it was not collected together with the male and apparently belongs to another taxon.













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