Hayat, Mohammad, Ahmad, Zubair & Khan, Farmanur Rehman, 2014, Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Zootaxa 3793 (1), pp. 1-59: 9

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Anagyrus   sp. near pseudococci (Girault)  

Material examined. KSA: AL-BAHA: Qunfudah, vi. 2012, (MT), Coll. Z. Ahmad (1 ♀) ( ZDAMU).

Comments. Refer to Noyes & Hayat (1994) for identification of A. pseudococci   ; and Triapitsyn et al. (2007) for notes on this species based on biological and molecular comparisons of different geographical populations.

The single female from Saudi Arabia   has, as usual for A. pseudococci   , F 1 basally dark brown and apically white, but otherwise differs from the redescription of A. pseudococci   given by Noyes & Hayat (1994) in the following characters: frontovertex anteriorly, inter-torular area and mouth margin pale brown; scutellum largely yellow, with only a faint, almost indistinguishable, brownish streak in middle; and frontovertex width 0.37 × head width. It is very likely the Saudi Arabian specimen belongs to an undescribed species, but this is not certain, and should await further collection from Saudi Arabia   and detail study of the A. pseudococci   -complex.