Pericoma estrelica, Wagner & Andrade & Gonçalves, 2022

Wagner, Rüdiger, Andrade, Rui & Gonçalves, Ana, 2022, Moth flies (Diptera, Psychodidae) from Portugal with descriptions of a new genus new species and additions to the fauna of the Iberian Peninsula, Zootaxa 5129 (1), pp. 37-59 : 50

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5129.1.2

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Pericoma estrelica

sp. nov.

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Diagnose. A very small Pericoma species of the P. diversa -group; thorax and wings without characteristics; gonostyli markedly thinner in distal half; epandrial appendages with 5 tenacula.

Material: 1♂, holotype, Guarda, Seia, Vide e Cabeça ( Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela ), 40°19’02.96”N, 7°43’54.11”W, 430m a.s.l., 4 September 2014, leg. A. Gonçalves. GoogleMaps

Description: Head with eye bridge of four facet rows, three rows in the middle of the eye extension, distance between eyes four facet diameters, interocular suture wide U-shaped. Antenna with scape rectangular, pedicel globular, shorter than scape. Relative length of scape, pedicel and seven flagellomeres: 17–19–16–14–14–14–14–14– 13– distal flagellomeres missing; absolute length: 0.09–0.10–0.08–0.07–0.07–0.07–0.07–0.07–0.07– mm. palpus with four segments, apical segment likely flexible; relative length: 25–28–32– apical segment missing; absolute length: 0.13–0.14–0.16–mm.

Wing length 1.58 mm, width 0.57 mm. Length by width 2.79.

Abdomen with epandrium slightly longer than wide with round corners, a pair of openings at about center. Epandrial appendages elongate, slightly curved with 5 tenacula. Hypandrium uniformly thin along entire length. Gonocoxite tubular, two times longer than wide, with 1 long seta on inner side at about middle; gonostyli 1.5 times longer than gonocoxites, slightly bent, markedly thinner in distal half. Ventral bridge between gonocoxites with two short lobes. Ejaculatory apodeme as long as aedeagus, straight, aedeagus of two parallel sclerites.

Etymology: The species is named after the site of collection, Serra da Estrela.

Comment: The new species is a member of the Pericoma diversa -group and is most similar to P. granadica Vaillant. However , it is smaller and the shape of the gonostyli is different; they are equally bent in P. granadica but clearly narrower in the distal half in P. estrelica sp. nov.













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