Serina belae (Hilber, 1883),

Wu, Min & Xu, Qin, 2013, Serina Gredler (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora: Enidae), the continuous-peristomed mountain snails endemic to the eastern slope of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau, Zootaxa 3620 (1), pp. 43-66: 46

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Serina belae (Hilber, 1883)


1. Serina belae (Hilber, 1883) 

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Buliminus  ( Zebrina  ?) Belae Hilber, 1883  : 1367, pl. 5, figs. 11, 12. Buliminus (Clausiliopsis)  belae— Möllendorff, 1901: 370.

Buliminus  (?) belae— Kobelt, 1902: 552, pl. 86, figs. 20–23.

Serina belae— Yen, 1939: 87, pl. 8, fig. 19. Chen, Zhou, Luo & Zhang, 2003: 442.

Type locality. Bangda (SE Xizang Autonomous Region).

Material examined. SMF- 42069: 1 paratype. Panto (=Ben-to, new spelling is Bangda, 29 ° 24 ʹN, 98 ° 42 ʹE, neighbouring to N Yunan and now of Xizang Autonomous Region), Yunnan, China. Hng. Nat. Mus. G. (just labeled on SMF- 42069).

Distribution. SE Xizang Autonomous Region.

Diagnosis. Shell cylindrical-conic, with the most swollen part occurred at penultimate whorl and body whorl. Suture simple. Last whorl ascending immediately near aperture; straight at periphery. Aperture not duplicate; completely attached to body whorl. Columella with two teeth.

Shell. Cylindrical-conic; dextral; with apex not abruptly pointed; with the most swollen part occurred at penultimate whorl or body whorl; height 12.4, diameter major 3.9, ratio of shell height /diameter major 3.17. Growth lines usually not very clear. Whorls 9 5 / 8, slightly convex. Embryonic shell 1 5 / 8 whorls. Postnuclear whorls smooth. Suture simple. Last whorl ascending immediately near aperture; more or less straight at periphery; with a rugate region with abapertural crowded and/or thickened growthline-like folds. Aperture not duplicate; wavy; ovate; quite oblique; completely attached to body whorl; height 3.3, width 2.8, ratio of shell height /apertural height 3.71. Peristome and parietal callus almost completely fusing except for a channel at upper insertion of peristome. Reflexed part of peristome straight and not curved backward. Abapertural peripheral depression on body whorl spirally extending for ca. 1 whorl. Columella with 2 teeth. Columellar margin reflexed. Columella oblique. Umbilicus widely open. Apex yellowish brown; subsequent whorls whitish. Aperture white. Measured specimen:SMF- 42069: 1 shell.