Medionops luiscarlosi, Martínez & Sánchez-Ruiz & Bonaldo, 2021

Martínez, Leonel, Sánchez-Ruiz, Alexander & Bonaldo, Alexandre B., 2021, The spider genus Medionops Sánchez-Ruiz & Brescovit (Araneae: Caponiidae) in Colombia, with the description of four new species, European Journal of Taxonomy 773, pp. 61-79 : 71-73

publication ID 10.5852/ejt.2021.773.1511

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Medionops luiscarlosi

sp. nov.

Medionops luiscarlosi View in CoL sp. nov.

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Males resemble those of M. santarosa sp. nov. in having a similar copulatory bulb shape, but can be distinguished by the embolus length more than 3 × the maximum tegular width, with pointed tip ( Figs 4E–F View Fig , 7D View Fig ) (shorter, with truncated tip in M. santarosa sp. nov., Figs 5C–D View Fig , 7E View Fig ). Females are distinguished from those of all other species by the flat median concavity on the receptaculum ( Fig. 4H View Fig ).


The specific name is a patronym in honor of Luis Carlos Gutierrez, an unforgettable professor from the Universidad del Atlántico in Colombia who passed away in 2021.

Type material

Holotype COLOMBIA • ♂; Caldas department, Pensilvania, Berlín ; 5°21′08″ N, 75°11′10″ W; alt. 2750 m; 24–26 Jul. 2004; E. González and L. Arango leg.; IAvH-I 3361 . GoogleMaps

Paratypes COLOMBIA • 1 ♂; Caldas department, Pensilvania, Finca La Cabaña ; 5°22′05″ N, 75°10′12″ W; alt. 2650 m; 30 Jul.–Aug. 2004; E. González, L. Arango and J. Montes leg.; IAvH-I 3352 GoogleMaps 1 ♀; same collection data as for preceding; IAvH-I 3772 GoogleMaps .


Male (holotype, Figs 4A–B, E–F View Fig , 7D View Fig )

MEASUREMENTS. Total length 3.65. Carapace 1.60 long, 1.21 wide. Sternum 0.98 long, 0.81 wide. Legs: I: 3.68; II: 3.45; III: 2.89; IV: 3.84.

COLORATION. Carapace, chelicerae, palps and legs orange ( Fig. 4A View Fig ); coxae and trochanters lighter ( Fig. 4B View Fig ). Endites, labium and sternum light orange ( Fig. 4B View Fig ). Abdomen dorsally with dorsal pattern of five small, thin, whitish gray chevron stripes, not extending laterally ( Fig. 4A View Fig ); ventrally yellowish gray ( Fig. 4B View Fig ).

LEGS AND PALPS. Crista unnoticeable; gladius with common nopine shape. Palps with spherical tegulum with small projection on posterior side, embolus length more than 3 × the maximum width of tegulum, with pointed tip ( Figs 4E–F View Fig , 7D View Fig ), tip of embolus slightly curved and sharp, with small opening.

Female (paratype, Fig. 4C–D, G–H View Fig )

MEASUREMENTS. Total length 4.49. Carapace 1.92 long, 1.42 wide. Sternum 1.10 long, 0.85 wide. Legs: I: 4.13; II: 3.82; III: 3.31; IV: 4.53.

COLORATION. As in male ( Fig. 4C–D View Fig ).

LEGS AND PALPS. Crista and gladius as in male. External genitalia with white triangular area below genital opening ( Fig. 4G View Fig ), internal genitalia with flat median concavity on receptaculum ( Fig. 4H View Fig ).


Males (n = 2): total length: 3.35–3.65; carapace length: 1.60–1.72.


Known from two localities in Caldas department, Colombia ( Fig. 6 View Fig ).


All type specimens were collected with pitfall traps.













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