Iranodendrothrips Alavi et al., Alavi et al.

Mound, Laurence A. & Tree, Desley J., 2016, Genera of the leaf-feeding Dendrothripinae of the world (Thysanoptera, Thripidae), with new species from Australia and Sulawesi, Indonesia, Zootaxa 4109 (5), pp. 569-582: 579

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Iranodendrothrips Alavi et al.


Iranodendrothrips Alavi et al.   :

The only species described in this genus was collected in northeastern Iran on Populus nigra   [ Salicaceae   ]. However, a single male of a related species has been seen from Kenya, taken on Catha edulis   [ Celastraceae   ]. This male has the fore wing rather similar with two short apical setae, but the head and pterothorax have brown markings, pair IV of the pronotal posteroangular setae are about twice as long as pairs I –III (instead of being equally small), and the pronotum is distinctly reticulate.