Pseudecheneis tchangi ( Hora, 1937 )

Zhou, Wei, Li, Xu & Yang, Ying, 2008, A Review Of The Catfish Genus Pseudecheneis (Siluriformes: Sisoridae) From China, With The Description Of Four New Species From Yunnan, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 56 (1), pp. 107-124 : 121

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Pseudecheneis tchangi ( Hora, 1937 )


Pseudecheneis tchangi ( Hora, 1937)

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Remarks. – Hora (1937) described Propseudecheneis tchangi based on drawings and simple description of Pseudecheneis sulcatus from Yunnan by Tchang (1936), and suggested that this species occurred in Red River system and could not provide evidence to support his idea.