Sclerothyoninae Thandar, 1989

Martins, Luciana & Tavares, Marcos, 2019, Two new species of Sclerothyone from the southwestern Atlantic Ocean, with a key to genera and species of Sclerothyoninae (Holothuroidea: Dendrochirotida: Sclerodactylidae), Zootaxa 4658 (2), pp. 375-382 : 376

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Sclerothyoninae Thandar, 1989


Sclerothyoninae Thandar, 1989

Diagnosis. Tentacles 10, ventral-most two much reduced. Calcareous ring not tubular, radial and interradial plates united at base only. Posterior paired processes of radial plates long, 2–8 times the length of ring, either entire of broken into several pieces (viz. Martins & Tavares, 2018).

Included genera. The genera of the original combination are indicated within square brackets. Neopentamera Deichmann, 1941 (type species Neopentamera anexigua Deichmann, 1941 , by original designation and monotypy). Sclerothyone Thandar, 1989 (type species Sclerothyone velligera ( Ludwig & Heding, 1935) , by original designation and monotypy) [ Cucumaria ]. Temparena Thandar, 1989 (type species Temparena chuni ( Ludwig & Heding, 1935) , by original designarion and monotypy) [ Cucumaria ]. Thandarum Martinez & Brogger, 2012 , (type species Thandarum hernandezi Martinez & Brogger, 2012 , by original designation and monotypy). Paulayellus Martins & Tavares, 2018 (type species Paulayellus gustavi Martins & Tavares, 2018 , by original designation and monotypy).