Nicolea modesta Verrill, 1900, Verrill, 1900

Londoño-Mesa, Mario H. & Carrera-Parra, Luis F., 2005, Terebellidae (Polychaeta) from the Mexican Caribbean with description of four new species, Zootaxa 1057, pp. 1-44: 23-25

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Nicolea modesta Verrill, 1900


Nicolea modesta Verrill, 1900  

Figures 6 View FIGURE 6 F –I

Nicolea modesta Verrill, 1900: 663   –664.

Material examined: Mexican Caribbean: ECOSUR TERE­ 18 (1 juvenile) Leeward of Contoy Island (21 ° 30 ’ 8.4 ’’N 86 ° 47 ’ 45.3 ’’W), Jun. 1999. (3) Majahual (18 ° 40 ’09.6’’N 87 ° 43 ’01.4’’W), 1 Jan. 2001, 2 m. (1) Xcacelito (20 ° 19 ’ 45 ’’N 87 ° 21 ’ 13 ’’W), 26 Oct. 2002, on coralline rock, 2 m.

Description: Specimen incomplete, mature female, with 21 segments, 7 mm long; thorax 5 mm long, 1 mm wide ( Figures 6 View FIGURE 6 F –G). Many eggs in coelom of midthorax part of the abdomen. Tentacles long. Tentacular membrane reduced, wider ventrally, small, pale, with numerous lateral eyespots. Free edge of upper lip wide, long and folded, with distinct margins, projecting forwards. Lower lip swollen and very distinct. Lateral lappets absent. Two pairs of branchiae, branched, small, on segments 2 and 3; with at least, three levels of branching and short and rounded digitate tips. First pairs of branchia half as long as the second one. Nephridial papillae not seen in specimens observed. Fifteen ventral shields present, starting from segments 2; shields similar to each other, anterior shields rectangular, progressively narrowing to squared on posterior thorax. Notopodia from segment 4, extending for 17 segments, notopodia short, with large and unilimbate chaetae of two sizes (sometimes with reduced limb on the opposite side of the large limb); limbs with some marked striations ( Figure 6 View FIGURE 6 H). Neuropodia from segment 5, with uncini arranged in single rows from segment 5–10, in double rows on segments 11–20, arranged in face to face position, and in single rows from segment 21 until pygidium. Uncini avicular, pectinate, with 3 teeth ( Figure 6 View FIGURE 6 I); uncini with long rostrum and concave upper subrostrum, with a pointed subrostral process; convex lower subrostrum, without anterior process; basis rounded; posterior process short, pointed and projecting backwards; long and rounded occipitium.

Var ia t io n: It was not possible to have variation in the number of segments and length, since the specimens are incomplete.

Distribution: Bermuda, Mexican Caribbean.














Nicolea modesta Verrill, 1900

Londoño-Mesa, Mario H. & Carrera-Parra, Luis F. 2005

Nicolea modesta

Verrill 1900: 663