Sericomyrmex saussurei Emery, 1894

Mera-Rodríguez, Daniela, Serna, Francisco, Sosa-Calvo, Jeffrey, Lattke, John & Rabeling, Christian, 2020, A checklist of the non-leaf-cutting fungus-growing ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from Colombia, with new biogeographic records, Check List 16 (5), pp. 1205-1227: 1220-1221

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Sericomyrmex saussurei Emery, 1894


(33) Sericomyrmex saussurei Emery, 1894  

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Material examined. COLOMBIA: Amazonas • 2 workers; La Pedrera; 01°35′00″S, 069°30′00″W; alt. 87 m; 12–21 Apr. 2001; A. Sabogal leg.; UNAB 4761 GoogleMaps   ; Santander • 1 worker; Santa Helena del Opón; 06°20′ 00″N, 073°36′00″W; alt. 1426 m; 01 Apr. 2012; A. Ardi- la leg.; UNAB 2528 GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Medium-sized species; mandible usually striate; frontal carina complete; frontal lobe triangular; eye convex, moderately protruding from sides of head, covered with thick white layer; posterior cephalic emar- gination abruptly to gradually impressed, mesosomal tubercles from low and obtuse to well developed; and gaster with lateral carina well developed, and dorsal ca- rina weak to well developed ( Ješovnik and Schultz 2017).

Distribution. Sericomyrmex saussurei   is widely distributed throughout the Amazon basin ( Emery 1894; Kempf 1972; Ješovnik and Schultz 2017).