Promalactis mooatana Kim,

Kim, Sora, Heppner, John B. & Park, Kyu-Tek, 2017, Eight new species of the genus Promalactis (Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae) from Indonesia, with a checklist of the genus, Journal of Natural History 51 (29 - 30), pp. 1671-1695: 1691-1692

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2017.1353154

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Promalactis mooatana Kim

sp. nov.

Promalactis mooatana Kim  , sp. nov.


This species is close to Promalactis superimposita Wang, Du & Li, 2013  , in the wing pattern, but it can be easily distinguished by the tougue-shaped gnathos and the aedeagus with blunt sub-apex and the longer cornutus in the male genitalia.


Adult ( Figures 2jView Figure 2, 3jView Figure 3). Head. Frons pale yellowish white. Vertex white basally tinged with dark brown; occiput yellowish dark brown. Antenna with scape white entirely, as long as diameter of eye; flagellum white from base to one-quarter, white and dark brown alternately from one-quarter to apex dorsally. Labial palpus with yellowish brown of second segment and dark brown of third segment; third segment shorter than second segment. Thorax: Thorax and tegula yellowish dark brown. Wingspan 10.0– 10.5 mm. Fore wing ground colour yellowish brown; two bands and one costal patch; all these white markings edged with fuscous scales: subbasal band very oblique, from base of costal margin towards one-sixth of posterior margin, not reaching posterior margin; antemedial band arched, from one-quarter of costal margin to one-third of posterior margin; costal patch at two-thirds, semi-circular; apical patch not developed; fuscous suffusions before tornus and near apex; fringes brownish yellow two-thirds of posterior margin to apex, darker near tornus. Hind wing ground colour and fringes greyish brown. Male genitalia ( Figure 4g, 4 ga–c). Uncus triangular, wide at base, gradually narrowed toward apex, longer than gnathos. Gnathos tougue-shaped, shorter than uncus, gradually wider toward apex; apex round. Valva symmetrical, rectangular, shorter than uncus plus tegumen, split apex; cucullus club-shaped, setose caudally, as long as sacculus; sacculus middle finger-shaped, thicker than cucullus, setose entirely. Saccus a funnelshaped, as long as tegumen. Aedeagus straight from base to two-fifths, gradually thicker from two-fifths to sub-apex, sub-apex about twice width of base. Cornutus two-thirds length of aedeagus.

Female unknown.


Male. Indonesia, north Sulawesi Lake Mooat , 1050 m, northeast Kotamobagu 20 km, 26–30 October 1985, J.B. Heppner, gen. slide No. 9316/ S. Kim. 


Indonesia (Sulawesi: North).


The specific name refers to collection locality, Lake ‘ Mooat ’, plus the Latin suffix – ‘ ana ’.